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Second SATA drive is not detected as SATA and UDMA

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I just got Dell Dimension 8400 a week ago. It came with 160 GB Seagate SATA hard drive ST3160023AS on SATA channel 0. This one supports NCQ - per Intel Application Accelerator Info.

I later decided to add second hard drive to run in RAID 0, but for now installed it as a regular second drive. The drive is Seagate 160 GB SATA ST3120827AS (note diiferent part #) on SATA channel 1. It was detected by BIOS and formatted successfully.


Nero Infotool sees

1) ST3160023AS as Master on Primary IDE Channel 0, DMA ON

2) ST3120827AS as Slave on Primary IDE Channel 1, DMA OFF

Can anyone explain this ? Why the difference ? I thouht the concept of Master/Slave doesn't apply for SATA. And why DMA is off on the second drive ?

Lavalys Everest results may shed some light on the issue (but I still don't know what to do):

1) ST3160023AS shows as 160 GB 7200 RPM, Serial ATA-150

2) ST3120827AS shows as 149 GB, IDE

As you can see these are also different and the second drive seems to be in IDE mode.

What gives ?

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