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Here is a story describing a program from Lycos that runs as a screensaver, and continually requests small amounts of data from webservers used by known spammers to sell products. Not DDoS, it just aims to cost them a fortune in bandwidth.


You can get it here


From the US I guess you'd say "international english". The only way we can even hope to wipe out spam is to make it non profitable, and this is one way to do that.


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Of course you can have routers just block those requests.

Not possible as long as the requests mimic the requests that a spam email would generate...

Another way, would be never ever buy any product advertised by spam.

I am sure that most of us here have never bought anything from spam. The problem is that lots of newbies *do* buy stuff from spam, and there are even people who *enjoy* getting spam and buying products advertised there. That's why it's so profitable.

I am not sure if I agree with Lycos' idea or not... Certainly it will cost the spammers $$$, and it could make it harder for their customers aka victims to get through. An eye for an eye... Hmmmm.

Well, it is food for thought if nothing else.


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Its interesting. I wonder if the spammers can sue lycos for launching a DOS attack.

Technically a DDOS attack... ;)

The answer to any lawsuit of course is to have a cross-platform, freeware version of it be built and distributed by notice on Slashdot and other rabidly socially-oriented sites...

Future Shock

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