Wild Tangent Web Driver. Is it Spyware?

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While cleaning up spyware for people I often noticed that the people getting all the spyware usually have some "Wild Tangent" related stuff installed. Ad-aware 6.0 SE is not actually flagging this stuff as adware but I'm still not sure whether it’s safe or not.

It might just be coincidence that the same people who use this gaming service are also prone to other activities that lead to spyware accumulation, or it might be that this Wild Tangent stuff is providing a gateway for other sh!t to enter.

Personally I don't like the look of it (wild tangent), but when I read their Web site it looks legit (well almost legit, at least they do seem to provide full disclosure).

After I clean up a computer I like to advise the people what web activities they should avoid in future to prevent recurring problems. Now I'm not sure whether to include Wild Tangent and their associated "Game Channel" in this list. I personally feel it would be safer to avoid but should I deprive little Johnny of his favourite games based on my uncertainty and distrust of it ?

Reference :

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I think that at one point, ATI used WildTangent as either a video player or as a means for interactive 3D. (I forget which, but probably as an animation/video player) for one of their graphics demos.

I'm just wondering what can be so bad about it.

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