my sata hdd problem

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i've got a Seagate 7200.7 SATA 160 GB running for a week, but just yesterday, i had a problem with the hdd. when i boot up my pc as usual and when detecting ide drives , my pc just stall like that as there is no error messages or whatsoever.

then i went to check my sata hdd and i found there is no power supplied to the hdd as its cold though the sata power cable has been connected. how do i solve this problem now? the seagate hdd has another 4-pin to molex connector, should i try that? will it help or its confirm dead too coz they are all onboard the pcb?? do u guys think that the pcb board on the seagate hdd is DEAD?? do u guys think that the hdd suffered some shock that damaged the pcb?? need help here guys...

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can u guys check that seagate sata drives have 3 types of connections :

1st : for the sata power cable

2nd: sata data cable

3rd : what's that?? it has 4-pins ( is that some sort of power connector or its jumper)

pls help. thks.

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