Pentium 4 3.4e (478), Where Are They?

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OK, found one....ordered it, will be here tomorrow....yes, mindless upgrade....but this will be my last S478/P4 system, so I want to max it out at the fastest CPU I can put on the board.

I am going to start my S775 system this winter, when 1066MHz FSB is introduced.

Thanks guys!

I just hope the one I get is a D0 stepping. I could'nt have them hand pick the CPU...bummer.

B B)

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I just don't Understand your point. Northwood's still better choice for Socket 478 any way you look at it. Why anyone wants that overheating chip on their machine when the out come are about the same with a better, cooler running Northwood?

I've try them all, S478 Prescott's shouldn't even be onsale to consummer from the first place. It's Iintel's mistake from the very begining anyway.

I'd choose Northwood over Prescott anytime.(1MB L2 Cache meant stinker to everyday use at all. May be afew frame on Video2DivX??)

I'm currently using Both Northwood 3.2, 3.4GHz & New build S939/FX53. Never have any problems with heat on neither machine. Overclocked or not! Intel's For Multi-dedia works, AMD's S939/FX53 My new toy and I love it!



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Just set up a few computers with some Presshots.

Big deal, idle temps were 40c-50c. The computers worked fine.

No need to make a big deal out of it if you're not planning on overclocking.

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