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Fs: 640gb Raid Array

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I have a 640GB RAID-0 array that I'm finally done with. It's wicked fast with read numbers around 190MB/sec and writes at about 90MB/sec. It's so fast because it's made up of 8 WD800 drives which the 3Ware controller excels at distributing the load amonst.

So the components are:

3Ware 8-port RAID controller

8 x WD800's

8 ATA cables

It's 8 drives so please make sure you have the space for them. The smaller drives like these don't require as much power as the big drives and I've had no problem running them with a 350W power supply.

If you're interested in fewer drives let me know. I can sell the rest off on eBay.

Feel free to email me at

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