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Maxtor Maxline 3

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Would you guys recommend a Maxtor Maxline III+ 250GB 16MB cache SATA drive for single user pc? Here, in Lithuania, I can get it for the same price or even cheaper as Samsung, WD or Seagate 250GB drives, all with 8MB cache.

What about reliability? It is very important.

I would NOT buy one of these drives, I recently ordered four of the Maxline 3 250G Sata's. Two of them have already been RMA'ed because of failures, and one of the RMA'ed drives that I got back is screeching and clunking already. :( (3 out of 5 bad!)

There are SERIOUS quality issues with this model, and I'm having doubts about keeping the drives at all even on a Raid 5 setup.

*note: I am not a maxtor hater, I have a few of their drives that have been in 24/7 service for years without problems. Just this particular line has issues.


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I would NOT buy one of these drives

I would agree. I recently purchased the ATA133 version of this drive. The first one had to be sent back due to write errors. The second one has, so far, written hundreds of GBs without error, but is so loud you can hear it across the room when it seeks. I'm going to contact Maxtor about this, but in the mean time I would recommend that everyone stay far away from these drives.

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I didn't buy one of thse drives, I bought TWO. :blink:

I am actually considering buying another TWO for a total of FOUR for a RAID 10 setup. I don't need it, but my heart is somewhat set on it. Anyways here is my HD Tach Version results.

Two Maxtor MaxlineIII SATAII 300Gb (7V300F0) in RAID 1 configuration.

Sorry, I don't have software installed to convert the .bmp to a .jpg.

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