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OK, "EVERYWHERE" was a little bit misleading...

MS and MS-related sites especially...

Actually the last was pretty cool. I got there for the first time. I hit only the Sign In key (up-right) and the site automatically subscribed me, sending to my mail immediately the password. No hassle with who you are, how you are...

Pretty cool...

If this is .NET, then I'll start using my Hotmail account more often... no, seriously! :)

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I find it scary how much power and influence MS will have if everybody had the same attitude as the original poster. Lets look at what they control:

1. the OS

2. the standard business applications

3. the web browser

4. the development tools and platforms

And now, if they have their way, they will also control:

5. How you are authenticated to a site

6. What information is shared by the site (including, potentially financial information)

This is so ripe for abuse its not funny its down right frightening. The will essentially end up being able to:

1. determine how you use your computer

2. the prices you pay

3. "tax" all your internet purchases

4. what applications you use on your computer

5. what applications you use to traverse the internet

6. place advertisements practically anywhere

7. track you not only on your computer but whatever web sites you go to

8. authorize payments on your behalf

9. sell your online usage data


This is really scary stuff.


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Guys... are we exaggerating a little bit here or what? :o

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Privacy advocates will have a fit if they ever find out things like that will happen...

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