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Does Newegg Give Sata Data Cables With Hds?

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I hope i get a quick answer cause im about to buy some hard drives from

Okay, i want to buy this item...

I dont see anywhere about having it includes the SATA data cable for it, and maybe i need a power cable too? Has anybody bought SATA Hard drives from this place and recieved the SATA data cables with them?

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Western Digital 120GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, Model WD1200JD, OEM Drive Only You will not receive *any* cables with this purchase.

I have not received any cables with other "drive only" purchases.

Retail packages would include cables.

This drive also comes with a "standard" 4-pin Molex connector as well as the SATA power (according to the documentation on WD's site)

Looks like all you need is a SATA data cable.



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