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When I look at the settings for APM on the 7K250 they range from Disable --> Performance. The settings from left to right are BattreyLife ( disable) , Low rpm standby and performance. What effect on performance does each have ? Going from low rpm to performance means the disk spinns faster and uses more power. Performance will increase but there is a delay in accessing the drive after some period of non use-like it had spun down some. The disk tests at it's rated speed at this setting.

When set to disable there is no delay after non use but the disk tests much lower .

What ?

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Do you have hard evidence to suggest that the disk actually changes the RPM while in use? I can believe that it has a low RPM standby mode, but I doubt that any of the stated modes change the spin speed while the drive is being accessed.

More likely, the power saving mode reduces the power provided to the actuator motor, reducing seek performance (=increasing seek times), resulting ihn the lower benchmarks.

Or perhaps that wasn't what you intended to say at all. Several of your points are confusing - you imply that disabling power management will (increase?) battery life, while I'd assume the opposite - no APM = best performance, least battery life.

Is there any chance you could rephrase your question to be more clear about what you know and what you want to know?

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The allowable variation in APM shows " Battery Life " on the far left side of the slider and "Performance" on the right. When set to "disable" the slider is on far left. When the slider is moved to far right, under Performance, the app says elsewhere "Drive in low standby mode".

I retested and, contrary to the first test, the scores are similar whether APM is at disable or standby. But when on standby there is a delay in accessing the drive . That part is ok--what I couldn't figure was the difference ( now disappeared) in test scores ( Norton System Information/drives/benchmark ; Adaptec SCSI Bench). Since the modes now appear equally stellar I can withdraw the question . User error.

Stone cold--that is meant as short for wth.

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