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Do Those Benchies Look Ok?cheetah 15k.3,atlas15k++

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Ok heres some benchies taken with hdtach 2.61 and the latest version of it...

DO they look ok or do you reckon my drives are not as fast as they should be...i know its only hdtach benchies but...i just wanna ask first before going into much detail...

My Atlas 15K RPM on my Adaptec 29160N controller


My Cheetah 15K.3 which is slower than the Atlas 15K overall however hdtach has a slightly different opinion...Could be due to the fact that the benchies were taken with different version of hdtach?


My Atlas 10K III


And my 200gb Sata Diamondmax 9 on my P4C800-E ICH 5


My system specs are:



INTEL P4 2.8C SL6Z5@ 298FSB 4176MHZ


Atlas 15K boot ID 0 on my Adaptec 29160N

Maxtor atlas 10K III

Diamondmax 9 SATA on my boards ICH5

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My Cheetah scores much like your 15K.3 except that your 15K.3 is faster with the maximum transfer. I get like 63mb/s. Burst rate is pretty much the same. But, what I don't understand is that I get a whooping 22% CPU utilization. I have the same controller as you, the 29160N, and its BIOS is flashed to the lastest one, the 3.10.0. I have noticed that the CPU utilization is pretty high with Athlon based system. With my old Epox 8K3A+, I was getting like 54% CPU utilization. Now, I have an NF7-S V2.0 and I am getting 22%. We have a Dell workstation at the shop where I work that has the same controller but has a Atlas 10K III instead and the system feels much more responsive than mine even if I have a 15K drive. The CPU utilization is about 2%. I don't understand why it is that way. As far as I know, it seems that Intel has better PCI support.

I have decided to go back to Intel since there are no "trouble free" chipset in the AMD arena. My Asus P4C800-E should arrive in 2 or 3 days so I can't wait to setup my P4 rig.

I have also benchmarked my machine with Winbench 99 and my scores are very lower than those in the SR database.

What OS are you using? I have noticed that the Dell workstation we use has Windows 2000 SP2 installed. Some people talks about a WinXP/SCSI bug. It seems that Win2K SP2 and earlier do not suffer the "mysterious" bug. I just found that it may not that mysterious if Dell does not even install SP4 or even SP3 in Win2K. I should have something to do with it. This workstation is a P4 2.4B so it is not even a year old.

I am using WinXP SP1. I don't know if I suffer the mysterious XP bug or if it is due to the nForce2 crappy drivers and/or architecture. I will discover soon when my P4 rig will be set up.


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Hi mate.First of all yeah i am running WIN XP SP1 witht he latest adaptec drivers for my 29160N which also has been flashed ages ago with the latest bios as yours.

I had some issues with XP before the SP1 came out.write cache disabled i think all the time.After the SP1 i had no more issues...

I think yeah my old abit KR7A R had issues with my scsi.KT266A chipset...

I moved back to intel then though so no more probs ;).I doubt any Nforce mobos may have issues now though with scsi.

If youre into overclocking etc let me know or mail me mate if you need any help that i can provide.My P4C800E is a sweet board.Easy to setup with hdds and boot settings etc compared to my old IC7-G Abit.

Mail me if you need help especially overclocking :D

brwmogazos at hotmail dot com

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Hey, thanks for the help! I have received my motherboard yesterday and I am searching a "cheap" P4 3.0C to go along with it (I will not jump onto the Prescott bandwagon for now... Wait and see).

I can't wait to see what the difference will be between the Athlon XP and the P4. So far, I have tried a few P4 and they seems to handle Windoze much faster. This is only a sunjective point of view.

I am quite accustomed to overclocking (I overclock processors since my old P233MMX) but I really do appreciate your kind offered help. I am happy to see that you have the exact same motherboard I purchased. This may be helpful if something goes wrong. I will let you know how thing goes once my computer is gonna be set up.



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Yeah no worries mate :)

I am using phase change (Nventiv Mach 2 for my cpu) and watercooling on this board as well (for my GPU and NB) so if you need any help just ask :)

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