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Scsi Guru Needed

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I have been searching for a solution to a particular problem. I am running a couple of scsi drives with IDE storage. A recently purchased IBM scsi drive(DDYS-T09170) is not accessable anymore. When I first installed it, I could access it with my setting the ID to whatever I pleased. I am using an Adaptec 2940UW adapter. Whenever I go into the adapter bios config now and try to access it by either verifying disk or format disk , I get the error as follows:

Target Scsi ID 0 / Scsi CDB Sent 03 00 00 00 0E 00 70 00 02 00 / Host Adapter Status 02h-No Host adapter error / Target Status 02h-Check Condition / Sense Key - 02h -Not Ready / Sense Code - 04h / Sense Code Qualifier - 00h

Now I can plug in the other scsi drive (Fujitsu ) and it works perfectly.

I also notice at bootup , the working drive displays as foolows:

Scsi ID: Lun 0:0 Fujitsu (model) Drive 83h

And when I try the IBM drive on bootup it reads the ID Lun ,, Ibm DDYS T09170 , but the drive 83h part is missing.

Obviously, I have fouled up the drive # setting. I have tried several jumpers on the drive to reset the drive , such as disable unit attention. I know that the termination and ID settings are correct. At this point however , I am at a loss as how to procede to reset the drive . I am trying not to do further damage. Any help is genuinely appreciated.

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The drive is signalling a "Check Condition - Not Ready" and is returning an "04" sense code. "04" codes are generally reserved to mean hardware failure.

The drive is unable to come ready for IO because of some internal fault, not because of the configuration of your SCSI bus or the drive jumpers.

In all probability this drive has a hard fault, in which case the only remedy is an RMA.

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