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Fs: Asus Tusl2, Tuv4x P-iiis Mb.

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I've got a few Mint as new Motherboards and a few other items forsale! All Items are as new and tested to make sure all functions are works.

Originally, these are back up parts that I bought for my workstations with Pentium IIIs Base. ASUS TUSL2's a full version Pentium IIIs with onboard Audio & VGA Video. (Please Note that, this is NOT a Cheap TUSL2-Cs version But a full and more expensiver TUSL2 Version.)

ASUS TUV4X's also a P-IIIs/Celeron Universal Board. Both are tested with Pentium III-S Tualatin 1.4GHz/512/133 & 1.26GHz/512/133.

Both, TUSL2 & TUV4X are still under ASUS USA Warranty.

Iwill DVD266u-RN Dual or Single Pentium IIIs also forsale! I tested the DVD266u-RN with 2x1.26GHz/512/133 with 2x512MB Mushkin PC-2700 to confirm the fuinctions.

I also got a few Mushkin High Performance PC-133 CAS 2-2-2 Memory, Afew Crucial PC-133 Cas 2 & Cas 2.5. etc etc.

It time to Upgrade my workstations to Pentium IVs base and I want to sell these spare-back-up parts out!

ASUS TUSL2 Mint,Tested for $100.00 Shipped.

ASUS TUV4X Mint, Tested for $90.00 shipped.

Iwill DVD266u-RN Dual P-IIIs Mint, Tested for $135.00 shipped.

Intel Pentium III-S 1.26GHz/512/133 With Original Heatsink/fan for $115.00 shipped.(I've got 2 of each!)

Intel Pentium III-S 1.4GHz/512/133 With Original Heatsink/Fan for $145.00 Each(I've got 2 of each!)

Mushkin High Performance 256MB PC-133 Cas 2 @ $55.00 Each (I've got 4 Sticks)

Crucial 512MB PC-133 Cas 2 @ $75.00 Each, 256MB PC-133 Cas 2 @ $45.00 Each.

***Please Note! I only Sell and Ship to the US Address Only. Sorry, I will NOT ship outside the USA.***

*** I accepting VISA, Master Card, Discover Card Through Paypal. For your Security and mine, Paypal's the only Payment method accepted. *** I may take Personal Check or USPS Money Order but Please email me first.

My Email addresses & Paypal ID. or

Please email me if you're interesting in any item above! Make me an offer!

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Intel Pentium III 1.4GHz/512-S Are Sold.

All Mushkin Memory are Sold.

However, I may have more forsale as I'm upgrading most of the workstations. Just Email me if you're interresting in any of the parts.



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