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I'm finding it very difficult to locate a source on the internet (retailer or manufacturer's page) that lists many many different kinds of motherboards with their individual specs. In particular, I'm trying to find many different types of mobo's with 64bit PCI / PCI-X slots. If you've ever tried to search on www.pricewatch.com, you'll quickly find out that searching for "PCI-X" doesn't work; queries are returned wrong. www.NewEgg.com is a good site to perform mobo searches on, but they don't let you specify the # of 64bit PCI or PCI-X slots during a search; only 32bit PCI slot count.

Can someone point me to a retailer with a great search engine or a product matrix (like Tyan's Product Matrix Sheet)?

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I would search by chipset. It's not a guarantee of PCI-X slots, but it's close.


Intel 7501

Intel 7505

AMD 8111

GrandChampion HE


NewEgg will let you search by the SouthBridge chip.

If you are interested in 64-bit and not necessarily PCI-X, then you can go back a generation or two.

Like the older Grand Champion, AMD-760 MPX, etc.

Personally I just watch Tyan and Supermicro sites. Both let you view workstation or server boards in summary.



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Searching for boards to meet your exact PCI-X requirements can be very tricky and it is something you really have to read up on. I agree with DogEared that it is best to focus on the chipset, since PCI-X controllers only mate with certain workstation/server northbridges. Personally, I download the user manuals for each motherboard and study the PCI controller and slot specs so that I know exactly what the board is capable of.

The thing about PCI-X is that there are many different flavors (clock speeds and bit widths) plus the fact that nearly every motherboard will have a different number and combination of slots/speeds/bit widths. For example, SuperMicro might make two boards, one with two 64bit/100MHz slots and one 64/133, while another similar board might have three 64/100 slots.

As far as searching for them on pricing sites, I wouldn't waste my time. I spend a great deal of time on these sites and even a site like PriceGrabber (which has the best search/filter feature) doesn't cover PCI slots.

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