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Jerry Sanders

Found dead: IBM DTLA 305030

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Well, I guess all good things come to an end :). Today, while I was installing Win XP my drive started making strange noises (probably re-trying to write/read on/from defective sectors)... the XP setup quits and the system restarted, Windows seems at first to be installed properly, but the Event Viewer reveals the tragic truth: many bad blocks just developed on my hdd surface...

I quickly downloaded DFT from IBM, and here is what it's saying:

IBM-DTLA 305030

One or more bad sectors found.

Please run Erase Disk to repair the drive.

Return Code = 0x70


Dive Information:

(serial number here)

Failure Code: 0x70 - Defective Device

Additional Code: 0x77

Technical Result Code (TRC) for RMA: 70773705

Now here are my questions:

#1. Do you think I can repair the drive by using Erase Disk??? I don't :D

#2. Can I RMA the drive to IBM? I live in Romania, and here the warranty part is a little bit complicated: the hdd had 1-year of warranty (just expired, I bought the drive in December 2001). Had the drive died on me within this first year, it would have been replaced by the guys at the computer store, but now i'm clueless... Please help me with every bit of info about RMA-ing this POS!

#3. Also, where can I get the DFT log analyser written by Laporta? It was a very long thread, but you all know what happened to the old forum :(

Thanks you guys, and sorry for the occasionally bad English...

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