Building a SATA (150) Raid System

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You guys have some very positive and interesting feedback. I have purchased another Raptor and will run those on the Intel ICh and then the other 250 gb drives as another Raid set on the Promise. OS and Apps on the Raptors and Video stuff on the Promise. That sounds to me like the fastest setup in the Intel world.


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Seems strange that in this whole thread nobody has pointed out that this is all total overkill for NLE. Unless you are doing RGB captures, the rate of DV video, which is what 99% of home NLE is going to be is only a few mb/sec. ANY 7200RPM IDE drive will be more than enough speed for NLE. Get a Raptor, and your totally golden. All this RAID0 stuff is totally unnecessary and just increases the chance of data loss.

I do NLE myself, and if you learn more about it before you spend all your money, you'll find that processor speed is the key along with enough ram. Building blazing disk arrays will do very little for rendering speed.

FWIW, feel free to disagree :)

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