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"what to buy topic" 92354 :)

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i have to buy a new storage platform for my gaming/working/blah pc


1x IBM 371440 for sys (mainly win98)

1x IBM 351010

@ Abit BX6-2 onboard ata ctrl (ata33)

well, thats damn slow, imo every forum user will laugh about that :)

rest of the sys is quite good and tweaked (celi@1008, 512mb 222@112fsb...)

im thinking about an upgrade a while now, but im not even sure, if ill go for a new ata-(raid-)ctrl

well let me think about that a second... losing min 1/3 of the disks performance...? k new ctrler...

raid or not, not really a question :)

k raid0

how much? 80GB should be fine

a few days ago i had to say, any drive except ibm!!! take a cuda IV

its not noisy and perform quit well blah, you know the story...

so what to do now? wd? matrox in the end? :(

i hate to rma hdds (waiting for my samsung drive for 3months now, it was the retailers fault (everybody in middle-europe: dont buy anything with "gericom" on it! :evil: ))

but i dont think, that ibm will let happen it again (imo it was too late to stop/recover the second series... eod, it doesnt matter, cause all big corps suck (seagate.....))

also raid is not a musthave for me (see current specs, im very modest ;))

so go for a single cuda@udma33?

price is considered most, performance/heat/noise afterwards

pls post your opinions and excuse my broken english :oops:

big tia

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What's your question again? Nevermind I'll guess.

You have to buy new ATA100/133 controller preferably Promise/Acard, avoid Highpoint, to take advantage of new hard disks.

Reagrding harddisks, there's a lot of recommendations varying from power users to plain mom and pops style posted by multitude of users in this forum. Use the search button wisely. :)

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