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I seen a thread like this long time ago and can't find it so here goes. I have a Athlon 1.2GHz Throughbred. It idles around 55C and the mobo idles at 28C. That is with a new fan i bought. The other one keeped it a bit cooler but sounded like a blow dryer. So later today I will be buy a Athlon XP 2100+. The highest my mobo supports. I would upgrade both but sort on the cash right now. BTW I have a antec coppercore 4500-5200RPM fan on it. So what should the temps be on the 1.2GHz and the 1.73GHz.

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the temperature depends on your ambient temp as well. Like I have a AMD 1.33 Thunderbird running at 1.44 and it idles around 57 C and peaks around 62-63 C. I used to have my ambient temp around 16-18 C, so the highest it would ever really go isn't above 60. (and that's with a Cooler Master DP5-6H11 HSF). If you actually look up the electrical specifications (there is a web page for it, just don't remember the link for it), it lists the heat output in Watts. Multiply that number by your heat capacity/temperature capacity of your HSF and then add your ambient and you'd be able to figure out with a relatively high precision as to the expected temperatures.

OR....you could just some time of fluid cooling method (gaseous state or not), and that would be rather interesting....'specially if it's a semi-pure gas. (Kinda hard to get an absolutely pure gas.)

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