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Looking for an economical color laser jet

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I’m looking for a new printer.

I had a economical color laser jet in mind. But I don’t know if economical and laser jet can be used in the same sentence.

I currently have an Epson 880. It doesn’t print as fast and as nice as I would like it to. The colors aren’t as accurate and the crispness found on laser jets is absent. If someone could recommend something nearly as nice but not of the laser jet type that would be great too.

Basically I’m looking for:

1. Crisp clear and speedy printing with black and white

2. Crisp clear accurate color printing. Key word is accurate.

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We've got an HP Laserjet 4600.

I don't particularly like it's output in general, and it certainly doesn't do photos. In all fairness, I've never bothered to do any tweaking, so it may just be capable of putting out some accurate color, but I'll probably never know.

It's damn fast, though, with even large Photoshop and CorelDRAW files pumping through in a flash (assuming you're warmed up and ready to go).


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