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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! My organization is currently in the process of investigating options for replacing our currently primary storage platform. Details of the current setup: 2 * Dell-EMC VNX5200 appliances in our production DC A 3rd VNX5200 in our DR DC (located in a separate country than the prod DC) RecoverPoint appliances for a modest amount block-level replication between appliances 90-95% storage presented to VMware vSphere environment, with the rest presented to Oracle physical DB servers All storage currently presented via FC/block Some of the requirements Increase in performance over existing platform Able to handle a wide range of workloads and IO requirements Move to iSCSI Replication and the appliance level (i.e., migrate away from RecoverPoint appliances) Better file support – it would be nice to present more of our files shares natively at the appliance level (not a must, but nice-to-have) Better ability to leverage storage snapshots (i.e., Veeam Storage Snapshot backups) We are currently looking at two vendors/models: the Dell-EMC Unity range (most likely hybrid Unity 400), and the NetApp FAS range (most likely FAS2650 range). Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on the above? Are you going through a similar process yourself? Are you using either vendor in your current environment? Would you have any other alternative suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help or advice on the above.