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Found 11 results

  1. I plan to buy a 2TB external hard drive and need some advice on which to choose. I found some for around £50-80 which were Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate I have done some research and it seems Hitachi are the best and Seagate the worst? But I thought I should ask the experts too.. What I really need to know is which brand is most reliable and what to look for in drives, aside from the lifespan of the warranty, I don't know much about the specifications other than the storage capacity, so any help would really be appreciated, Thank you for your time
  2. Toshiba has announced the new MQ04 Series 1TB HDD, a thin client drive designed for notebook PCs, gaming systems, all-in-one slim-line desktop systems, set-top box appliances, and other use cases that require high-capacity and durable storage. Toshiba MQ04 1TB Thin Client HDD Announced
  3. I am not able to determine the difference between these various 3TB HDD models from Toshiba: MG03ACA300 MD03ACA300 MG04ACA300 MD04ACA300 Additionally, these models comes with an E or a V at the end which is only to say its a Suveillance disk (V) or an enterprice disk (E). But apart from that, what is the difference?
  4. Which one is better than the other no matter what price they have ?
  5. The Toshiba OCZ VX500 Series is a solid addition to the company’s line of consumer drives, offering a blend of affordable price tag, great performance, and the company’s incomparable ShieldPlus warranty program. Toshiba OCZ VX500 SSD Review
  6. Hello everyone i need advice on these toshiba hdd... they are actually hitachi HDS723020BLE640 (these drive are when toshiba buy 3.5 hdd plant from hitachi-WD) before i rarely check their smart until recently i found out one of 2 drives in RAID1(software IntelRST) have Read Error Rate dropped from 100 to 83 other smart status are normal reallocated sectors count, seek error rate, reallocation event count, currect pending sector count, uncorrectable sector count is clear basically the SMART status not showing any bad sign beside "Read Error Rate" i read intel rst can cause Read Error Rate also i read some article saying that its normal for hitachi drive that dropping abit of Read Error Rate (backblaze article?) but i have been using this drive for 28000hours (so it around 3years online)... so well i suspect there is wearing parts on it i need advice regarding this, should i replace the drive soon? or its normal and plus its in RAID1 so it will be fine for a while ? thanks in advance
  7. Hello! I'm torn between buying one of these 3 drives for use as my PC's boot drive: Seagate ST2000DX001 SSHD: 196BGN (~113 USD or 99 EUR) Toshiba DT01ACA200: 144BGN (~83 USD or 74 EUR) Toshiba P300 HDWD120EZSTA: 167BGN (~96 USD or 85 EUR) Looking at them, you might say that the SSHD is inherently better, however I'm worried about the reliability of seagate drives in general. Out of the 17 "broken" PC's I was busy diagnosing and repairing last month, 5 had dead hard drives, 4 of which were Seagate drives. As for the new Toshiba P300 series, the reason for me to consider it is that the other Toshiba drive I'm looking at is a bit old at 54-ish months. That and also the fact I'm expecting some performance improvements with the P300, although I haven't been able to find any benchmarks to confirm this. Regarding SSDs: I'll get one about a year from now, when I'll do a complete system upgrade. It's not economically feasible for me right now. Regarding WD Blacks: They're far too expensive where I live, nearly twice the price of competing 2TB drives. And from reviews I've read, they seem too noisy and hot. Regarding why 2TB and not more: My current PC is rather old - 3.8GHz E8500-based, which means it doesn't have a UEFI BIOS, which means I can't utilize a drive larger than 2.2TB as a boot drive. So what's your opinion? Has anyone had any experience with these P300 drives?
  8. So I have gotten my hands on one of these but I have a problem 5960x Asus X99-A bios 1901 G Skill 32GB RAM I am able to boot with an old samsung 2.5 inch EVO 840 into windows 10, and the new disk is recognised by windows and I can even format and transfer data to it, but it is not recognised in the Bios and I cannot run Easeus disk copy to block-copy my old drive to it, despite manipulating the CSM compatibility modes etc. anyone have any idea? Even with my old SM 951 AHCI 512GB, it is intermittently recognised.
  9. SSD_Beginner

    SSDs on Old Laptops

    I would like to use SSDs on my old laptop. My laptop is E300-AP55K (LG). producted in Jan. 2008. (Intel / T5750 (2.0GHz) / 1280x800 / 2GB / DVD recorder / AMD(ATI) / 1.97Kg / 6cell / HDMI / D-SUB / webcam / USB 2.0 /IEEE1394 / Express card / Multi-card reader / HDMI / 1.3M WEB CAMERA / Hybrid 256MB / Windows Vista Peculiarity: Providing SATA1, TOSHIBA MK1665GSX 160.0 GB (SATA2) was installed, Southbridge of mainboard: SB600, No AHCI option in BIOS) Apart from everything else, I am curious whether I can connect SSDs to my laptop at least physically. You may see my laptop and HDD. My HDD is just put down on the laptop and connected. To remove the HDD, we just raise it up. However, SSDs like TOSHIBA Q Series Pro (my HDD is of TOSHIBA) have some part that can be inserted to connectors. My HDD has no such part. Is it possible to use SSDs on my laptop?
  10. Manufacturer: Toshiba Family: DT01ACA Released: 2012 Notes: Model Name (product family): DT01ACA Model Number: DT01ACA200 Capacity: 2TB URL: Interface: Serial ATA 3.0 / ATA-8 Spindle Speed: 7,200 RPM rotations per minute Seek: 4.17 milliseconds Buffer: 64MB Density: 1TB per platter
  11. Toshiba has announced the slim, 7mm two-platter MQ02ABF series 2.5-inch 5,400 RPM SATA hard disk drive. The MQ02ABF series is Toshiba’s first two platter 7mm HDD model, which combines both the performance and power efficiency needed for thin mobile computing applications. The MQ02ABF HDD series is available in 750GB and 1TB capacities while featuring a rigid chassis design and dual stage head positioning technology. Toshiba MQ02ABF Series Announced - 7mm Two-Platter Notebook HDD