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Found 2 results

  1. After upgrading to Win 10 anniversary ed, I noticed that I had 2 hard driver issues. One drive was having partition issues and the other was missing folders. It was easy enough to fix the partition issue with one drive but the other one was missing files and a slight chance of missing folders but, it the top folder structure looks intact to the best of my recollection. I used Parted Magic and Photorec to recover my files and check the drive health of the drive with missing files. After the recovery, the files appeared in 4 folder with strange names and with no apparent pattern to the organization. My question is, is there a way to recover those file names or make sense of the naming convention of the files recovered? It's about 2k+ files so manually going through them seems impractical. Other notes that may be of importance: 1. The drive's in good condition. I even used a long drive diagnostic to confirm. No idea what happened. 2. Reverting to the previous version of windows only fixes the issue with the partition of the one drive but not the other drive with missing files. 3. The drive is still untouched so if there's another recovery software that I can try that will also restore file names, please suggest. The drive seems largely intact. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  2. LSI MegaRaid - Image Drive from Failed RAID I had a power failure and my LSI MegaRaid 3 disk SAS RAID 0 failed. My attempts to recover the RAID have also failed. I plan to rebuild the array and go with RAID 5 and add another SAS disk. However, before I wipe the drives I would like to image each of them separately. I tried to boot up using a Linux live boot CD. I can boot up but I can't see my drives. I tried just one drive plugged in and booting but the drive can't be seen so I can't call the imaging command. I'm assuming since the MegaRaid SAS controller says that the virtual drive is bad, then it will never mount. I tried to find a SAS to USB cable online so I could just plug in each drive and image them but I can't find such a product. I thought maybe I could use the MegaRaid controller with one drive plugged in and set it as a new Raid 0 so I could get it to mount. However, it seems to want to call the initialize command and want to wipe the drive. Losing the Raid tables for the original Raid wouldn't be a problem, but I don't want the data to be erased. Any suggestions on how I could image each drive? Thanks.