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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, Ok so basically i have a 50$ AUD budget on improving my laptop's performance, i own a Dell Inspiron 15 5576 Gaming Laptop AMD Version with an AMD A10 9630P and RX 460. and it only has a normal mechanical 1TB HDD 5400 RPM Drive and i want to improve performance. I did consider a 1TB SSHD but they are at cheapest 89$ in AU An M.2 SSD 128GB goes for 49$ An intel optane 16GB is 30$ From research, it's AMD so i cant use intel SRT or intel RST to improve performance on my storage devices, i also looked into Dataplex which got sold to samsung but was popular so thats not a solution This plan would involve buying an M.2 SSD Drive 128GB or 64GB on the cheap and using software to make it a cache drive, and as i said above, dataplex and intel SRT arent an option and AMD have something similar but its only for ryzen located here the only one i found was But i have not seen any video's or any performance benchmarks showing that fancy cache even works. So thats the options that i have found ( please correct me if im wrong ) for SSD Caching with and M.2 SSD Drive and software solutions The other option is Intel optane 16GB M.2 SSD Slot version I did alot of reading and reviews which stated that intel optane does not work on AMD and only worked on intel platforms, but this was all from 2016, it seems their was an update in which intel allowed them to work on any M.2 NVMe slot, but i havnt seen any videos or proof, just articles So i need some advice, Should i go with M.2 SSD + HDD + Software ( unsure of what software yet, please advise ) Or buy an intel optane and try my luck
  2. See the following:,5030.html Latency seems better and the Read performance at 4k at QD1 on the Anandtech review is very good.
  3. The P4800X is being shipped now in directed availability and is expected to be generally available in the second half of this year. MSRP for the current 375GB SSD is $1520, though pricing will depend a good deal based on volume. Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Enterprise SSD Launched
  4. VMware sees this new class of Optane SSDs as a vehicle to help increase vSAN's utility when it comes to big data analytics, business critical apps and VDI (amongst others). In these environments though the cache is much more active than the use case above, so it remains to be seen just what the P4800X can do when under a diverse load. The potential is promising though, considering the P4800X is just a drop in card with nothing new required at the node or vSAN level. For its part, VMware has done well to show their customers that new technology can be easily included in their HCI stack. VMware vSAN First HCI To Support Intel Optane
  6. Another tech demo of Optane: Article: It's really the random IO performance that is impressive.