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Found 1 result

  1. I need a new backup solution at home as my current 1Tb backup drive is full. I also do not currently have any offsite backup capability, which is a vulnerability. I do, however, in connexion with my work as a barrister (lawyer) need to backup confidential information and information that is subject to the Data Protection Act, which means that it needs to be encrypted, either self-stored or stored with a reputable provider, and in any event, not stored outside the European Union. That information is not very great in volume (a few Gb at most, but it will grow over time; I need to be able to erase it completely after six years but not before). Less sensitive but much more bulky are the products of my hobby of photography, and my large and increasing number of pictures stored in RAW format, as well as my Lightroom catalogue, etc. It is this later category that has exhausted my backup capability. I currently use a WD MyBook which is in my house, connected to my desktop computer through a second network interface port in the computer, and not directly connected to the internet. The data on it are not encrypted, but it has an element of physical separation from the internet. There are two independent CAT-5 connexions going from my under-stairs cupboard (where the MyBook and router both are) to my study (where my desktop computer is). I also have a Synology DiskStation (a 215j, I believe), which is connected to the internet, and which has a further copy of my professional files (encrypted), and some other miscellaneous things, but was not intended for general backup use, but rather as personal cloud storage for my professional data to synchronise with my tablet and desktop computer in chambers. It has 2Tb of storage space, which, whilst enough for my photographs now, may well not be enough a few years in the future, and I should in any event prefer additional redundancy. One solution that I had contemplated was to obtain a further two Synology NAS devices, and install one in my understairs cupboard and one in my parents' house (they have the same sort of WD My Book as I for backup), and use each others' NAS for offsite backup for both of us. However, my parents' internet connexion has only 1Mbps upload and 10Mbps download (which could be improved to 1.9Mbps and 21Mbps respectively with a fibre connexion), and I suspect that this, especially the upload speed, will not be enough. I find the WD MyBook to be unreliable at times: sometimes it will stop responding and need to be reset, and other times it will not be able to be found on the network for a while. The software that I use (Oops! Backup) is also not very good in that the versioning does not seem to work: iI tried once to recover an old version of a file that had become corrupted, and the system purportedly had the delta of the old version stored, but it refused to restore it, giving an incomprehensible error message. Does anyone have any recommendations? How might my parents take advantage of offsite backup given their poor upload speed (mine at home is rather better)? What sort of device might better replace my full MyBook? Can anyone recommend good backup software that will handle both onsite and offsite backup simultaneously? It should be noted that my desktop at home runs Windows 7 and my parents' desktop computers run Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (which is likely to be upgraded to 16.04 LTS when that is released).