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Found 1 result

  1. Hi I have been working on modifying the hex code for the ibbu07 raid battery to be able to replace defective battery with new instead of buying a new Lsi pack at the price of 230$ here in Norway. Here I have replaced U4 with new hexcode, U4 is a regular 24lc01B. New Samsung ICP103450S battery fitted removed from a new Dell Perc6 battery module. Here I have replaced hex code and the battery with 2000mAh , as you can see design capacity is 1800mAh which is 10% derated.Orginal battery I'm sure you now is 1215mAh if your module is fitted with Sony US503759 a8h but full capacity is 1350mAh also 10% derated. I also changed date of manufacture just for fun, clock 22.40.53 is not stored in eeprom but copied from the computer when smbus was accessed. Manufacturer and serialnumber is as orginal, completed discharge cycles I resetted to have a fresh start. This if the modified code I used for the 1800mAh setup above except for 0x3F that I changed to 64 and seals the eeprom. At first I did keep 0x3F at 24 but doing that Lsi has a built in code in msm or fw that replaces alot of alterations as you can see.It only happens when battery is fully charged at 100% and 4100mV. Here Megaraid storage manager or raid card fw replaced some of my alternations. For those of you that is using a Lsi ibbu07 I hope you can check something for me. As you can see from picture above I have finished a battery relearn and battery is charging but stops at 49% and battery status is 'Optimal' Not sure if it is a problem with my hex code or normal feature of this software but can you check your software and report back at what capacity your battery charging stops ? pictures showing both properties and advanced properties just as picture above is more then welcome -serial number and manufacturer I don't need to see so feel free to paint over. Data I need is voltage, design and full capacity, remaining capacity and charge %. After fitting this battery I now regret using this big capacity - charging takes many many hours but I'm sure data retention time is awesome. Also yesterday I made a new post in the want to buy thread, I'm looking for a Lsi ibbu08 pack with swollen/defective battery to see ibbu08 code and see what charge controller it uses. If you have one let me know - link Edit - I had some problems using code function in this post so I removed it.