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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have a 320gb SAMSUNG HDD that have no bad sectors (as results of several hdd test software) but fails at something close to 2 hours of use. I have Windows 10 running on my laptop with this HDD, and the simptons are as described below: 1. Suddenly, all open APPs freezes 2. I can't change between opened windows 3. The mouse point is able to move all around the screen, but anything that I click on will interact with me 4. If a music, video or movie is playing, it will just stop After a few minutes, the computer will reboot it self and the BIOS screen will prompt that there is no HDD connected. If I shut down the computer and turn on again, it will starts as always, and Windows will take like 5 minutes longer to boot, but no error message appears, it will behave like if a force shut down just happen. Any thoughts? Can I fix this? Thanks in advance!
  2. The HP Z38c curved monitor excels when it comes to improving workflows and productivity, offering a ton of real estate with its 37.5-inch screen; users can easily fit two windows (along with a few other smaller ones) on the screen. Though the display does take up a relatively large footprint, it does eliminate the need for two monitors, which undoubtedly takes up more space than one Z38c. HP’s monitor is also beautifully designed, offers a range of different mounting options and features a bright Ultra-Wide Quad High Definition 4K (3840x1600) resolution. This display quality and size comes a costly price point, however, as it starts at roughly $1,200. HP Z38c Curved Display Review
  3. Dubbed “the world’s most powerful workstation,” the new HP Z8 features an all new ID with ducting that routes fresh air to the second CPU rather than using the warm air expelled from the ducting on the first CPU. Additionally, it sports a split chassis architecture, which gives rear access to the massive 1700 W power supply, 24 DIMMs, and the 9 PCIe slots (7 full length, full height PCIe slots and two internal PCIe slots) for some pretty versatile customization. Compared to the Z840, HP indicates that the new Z8 Tower has 67 percent more memory bandwidth, 27 percent greater processor core count capacity, 40 percent greater PCIe I/O bandwidth and 29 percent greater power supply capability. The Z8 also supports the latest professional graphics, 384GB of system memory, and dual M.2 slots for HP Z Turbo Drive PCIe SSDs, so users in the visual effects and design visualization industry will have the power they need. HP Announces Next Generation of Performance-Driven Z Workstations
  4. Another substantial upgrade to the HP ZBook is its dual Thunderbolt 3 ports via the USB-C connector, both of which support DP 1.2, USB 3.1 Gen 2 and PCIe technology. The display can also be upgraded to FHD Touch UWVA and UHD DreamColor options, the latter which boasts a bright 4K resolution, making it ideal for those working video and photo editing industries. Moreover, with its support for HP Fast Charge, HP states the ZBook 15 G4 can go from 0 to 50% in charged capacity in just a half hour, which is rather impressive. HP ZBook 15 G4 Review
  5. Hello All! Fairly new to things here and still trying to get my footing. When i started at my workplace previous admin set up 3 HP Proliant DL360 Gen 9 Esxi 6.0 servers. At the time budget was an issue so they put 8 - 300GB 10K SAS Hard Drives in. VM's were set up on the three servers with one dedicated to Veeam Backup. Now space has become an issue and we have purchased 8 1TB 7.2K SAS hard drives to swap out. I am having difficulty finding information online for the procedure to swap out all the drives. I believe the Veeam setup information is stored on the 100GB RAM and that just all the VM Backups are stored on the Drives. I want to be able to do this without minimum time down and without losing any data. Thanks in advance!
  6. Today HP Inc. announced a few thin client solutions that designed to support companies as they transition their computing workloads to the cloud. HP is announcing a new Thin Client, the t630, an updated thin client operating system (OS), ThinPro 6, and the industry’s first zero client support for VMware Blast Extreme. HP claims that this trio of new Thin Client solutions will provide powerful and secure resources for end-users manipulating rich content in the cloud. HP Announces New Thin Client Solutions
  7. The updated MSA 1040 and 2040 firmware is now in controlled release and is expected to be generally available in December 2014. MSA 1040 customers can upgrade their firmware and purchase the MSA 1040 Advanced Virtualization Upgrade for $3,500. MSA 2040 customers can take advantage of all new features except Performance Tiering via a free firmware upgrade. Performance Tiering is only available on the MSA 2040 and is priced at $3,999. HP MSA Storage Updates Focus on Virtualization, Thin Provisioning, and Tiering for SMB
  8. With this announcement HP has shown they are supportive of these businesses by offering the StoreVirtual Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) at no additional cost to purchasers of eligible virtualization-ready HP ProLiant Generation 8 servers. HP Announces StoreVirtual Storage Appliance (VSA) No-Cost Option for ProLiant Servers
  9. HP has announced their latest portable thin client in notebook form factor. HP mt41 Mobile Thin Client Announced