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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all. At home I have a desktop PC and a Media Center PC. Both have one 2tb 3.5in drive (WD green) and one 1tb 3.5in drive (one seagate, one WD) each as storage. Both boot from 500gb hard drives and I must have about 5tb extra laying around between portable drives and laptops. I keep around 3.5tb between photos, videos and music, mirrored weekly by hand between the desktop and the media center, and backed up from time to time in portable drives. As you may imagine, I'm not happy with the way I keep my data. Also, sometimes either music or videos have to be split between drives. I don't want to spend too much money. Buying two 4tb drives to set up as a RAID 1 in my media center (mainboard supports it) would cost me about 270 euro, but scalability would be limited to buying yet another couple of bigger drives. I think I could move both 2tb drives and both 1tb drives to one DS414j NAS, transferring the data to the external drives in the meantime. According to Synology's webpage, if I use SHR it would give me some 4tb of storage with one drive redundancy. It would cost me 300 euro, but I'm thinking about convenience and scalability. If I understand correctly, should one drive fail I would just need to replace it with one the same size or bigger and set it to rebuild. What I don't have clear is: Let's say one 1tb drive fails and I put a 4tb one: According to the RAID calculator the new array could be of 5tb with redundancy instead of 4 and with a "wasted space" that would be waiting for the next hard drive switch to be used. Would it grow like that, or does it just rebuild it to the original size until I replace all 1tb drives? Thank you for your help.