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Found 2 results

  1. Does it seem like SSD progress is beginning to level off? Most current SSDs remain MLC planar, at around 16-20nm in size. There's a few value-oriented TLC SSDs as well. But at some point, it is looking like the die shrinks are going to start levelling off. Perhaps maybe ~10nm is the end? Does it seem like 3D NAND too is no easy solution over planar? It does seem like Samsung in particular is stuck at 40nm for now with 3D NAND for at least the next couple of generations, and I'd imagine the other vendors would encounter similar technical difficulties. It may very well be that the benefits were somewhat overhyped. It's not clear I think whether it will scale down very well past 40nm either. Performance-wise, I think we are seeing NVMe drives start to enter the market. Whether that will impact much save the high end though remains open to debate. So is that it, are we seeing SSD performance level off then? Likewise, is the rate of price drop going to level off as well in terms of rate of cost declines in cost:gb?
  2. martin_hindsight

    The future of data storage.

    Recently I had to buy a new hard-drive because my 2tb WD was starting to fail after 3,5 years of service. Since I wanted the most available storage, right now, I went for the WD 4TB Green reasonably priced at 165$. After that I discovered, there is a Seagate 6TB HDD Out. But from what I have read, That is pretty much as far as traditional hard-disk technology is ever going to get. Maybe up to 10TB with Helium intead of air inside the enclosure but that is pretty much it. And SSDs are still far away from being a solution for massive storage, if they are ever going to get there. So my question is: what other technologies are being developed and/or discussed or theorized out there that would eventually lead to storage space like 20, 40, 100, 200 . . . TB. From what I understand, it has to be a completely new technology not even remotely similar to what we have today. Because right now we seem to be pretty close to the end of the rope with our rotating platters and severely overpriced SSDs (3.2TB at 18000$) And what do you think the capacity limits of SSDs are? We could of course stack more and more memory chips and platters onto each other but that would get ridiculous at some point like todays Video cards getting longer and thicker and hotter with every new gpu released.