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Found 1 result

  1. Hey folks, I hope I do not miss any specific forum guidelines by starting the topic right here. Please notify me if I am missing something. I checked out a couple of reviews on and on other places on the internet as well as friends related to the IT sector. Short summary of facts: - ambitious amateur photographer with a lot of RAW image data - Mac only network, which means there is a MacBook Pro Retina and two MacBook Airs at the moment (total internal capacity of ~1,8TB) - TimeMachine backup running to external USB hard drive, an Apple TimeCapsule as well as CrashPlan online backup - an old Drobo FS with mixed old HDDs, total ~13-14TB (do not like it, very very slow, bad performance) - several USB 2.0 and FW800 drives, total ~6-7TB Aims: - buying a MacMini running OS X Server for home media consumption on HDTV, tv recording and automation workflows - buy a NAS or DAS (attached to MacMini and available via network share from the OSX Server) with about 20 TB raw capacity Use: - storage will mainly be used for storing large HD video files, RAW images and backups from the network computers - depending on hardware solution a dual disk redundancy should be workable My options: a) Synology DS1813+ with 8x 4TB HDD - what performance is to be expected from a DS1813+ if used with a single gigabit ethernet connection in a Mac network? I read about a couple of performance issues with SMB/AFP file transfer on Mac OS X Mavericks - I will not be able to purchase a switch with 802.3ad capability for my use as they are quite expensive. That means no link aggregation possible, correct? - use of RAID 6? External backup solution might be a couple of USB drives b ) Drobo 5D with 5x 4TB HDD - dual disk redundancy using Drobo's Beyond RAID - performance using Thunderbolt on a Mac should be around 100-150MB/s - network share using a Mac as a server - external backup using old Drobo FS or a couple of USB drives c) Lacie or G-Technology RAIDs - Lacie thunderbolt drives with 8TB or one 20TB, but they all come with RAID0/1, therefore having an exact copy on another Lacie drive is necessary - expensive - G-Technology also offers 8TB thunderbolt, same problem as Lacie but maybe more reliable hard drives - G-Technology G-Speed Q RAID is very pricey Choose of HDD: If deciding for a Drobo or Synology NAS, which hard drive is optimal to chose in terms of long life reliability? Performance should be ok with all of them for my needs - WD SE or WD RED 4TB - Hitachi Deskstar 4TB I do not like to go with Seagate as I had bad experience, however I had a couple dead-on-arrival WD RED 3TB last year in my Drobo FS. Other suggestions on 4TB are welcome. Looking forward for any feedback and suggestions, personal experience and recommendations! Best, Robert