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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, New here, so please be gentle....I'm a video editor that's in the field a lot and as things progress in my line of work, I'm dealing with larger files, multiple streams of HD footage, etc. that - up until now - I have managed to use the internal SSD of my MacBook Pro for. (Yes, I know, sharp intakes of breath abound. Small projects, fastest disk I have available, it works - I'm happy!) So I want to upgrade my external drives to use as scratch disks for my footage and still have the smooth playback I get at the moment, working with multicam sequences with 3 x 1080 video streams, so as to keep my boot SSD for OS tasks and not to wear the cells of my internal SSD. So here's my question... I ran the BlackMagic disk speed test on my MBP and get the results in the screenshot attached (+/-). Read = 447MB/s and Write = 335MB/s Looking at something like the Elgato Thunderbolt+ SSD, the benchmarks seem to be in the region of 308MB/s and 283MB/s respectively. Excuse my ignorance, but is this effectively meaning that I would get less performance from using this drive for my media scratch disk than my MBP internal SSD? Any light shed gratefully received. I don't want to shell out $500 for a drive that will slow down my workflow. Thanks in advance!