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Found 2 results

  1. Is it true that it's better to get HDD's from brick & mortar stores rather than from mail order like Amazon, Newegg because of the additional bumps the HDD will accrue during shipping (UPS), being handed off from step to step, going through conveyer belts, being dropped in bins, etc? This is exacerbated by Amazon and Newegg not packing them well (sometimes just one air pillow, or nothing). I think the idea is that when they're being shipped to brick & mortar stores, they're going to be part of a pallet so won't get bumped as much. Internal HDD's I've seen seem to come in cardboard boxes, with styrofoam inside, but external HDD's seem to come in plastic blister packs/clamshell packs, not so much padding. I know the heads are parked so they're not as vulnerable, and manufacturers release data on shock tolerance. On the other hand, I read opinions that there can be cumulative damage on the whole to the mechanism, so by the time you receive it the lifespan or reliability might be compromised. What do you guys usually do? Thanks for your help...
  2. Hello, I bought a brand new HGST Deskstar 4TB NAS (HDN724040ALE640) sealed in a retail box. After unboxing and physically inspecting it, I discovered major material defects on the sides of the HDD case in the proximity of the screw holes. You can see one image of each side here: (clicking on an image shows the full resolution) The manufacturing date shows October 2014 with a full 3 year warranty according to the HGST warranty webpage. I talked to HGST about this and they said I should return the drive to the seller and get a new one (only possible on monday...). I'm just curious: Did anyone else observe such defects? Are those just material defects produced in the fab, which shouldn't have passed QA? Or was this drive repackaged out of a enclosure? (I can't possibly imagine that leaving such deep marks even if the drive was removed with raw power?! Plus it came in a sealed retail box...) I read about repackaged / relabeled HGST NAS bulk drives with some scratches but this is clearly worse. I'm really looking forward for some answers conceptV