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Found 7 results

  1. I plan to buy a 2TB external hard drive and need some advice on which to choose. I found some for around £50-80 which were Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate I have done some research and it seems Hitachi are the best and Seagate the worst? But I thought I should ask the experts too.. What I really need to know is which brand is most reliable and what to look for in drives, aside from the lifespan of the warranty, I don't know much about the specifications other than the storage capacity, so any help would really be appreciated, Thank you for your time
  2. Western Digital has announced the expansion of its WD Gold hard drive family with a new massive 12TB model. Designed to address demanding enterprise workloads, the 12TB WD Gold will provide a significant increase in storage density for a range of enterprise and cloud storage applications. WD Gold 12TB Model Now Available
  3. While we didn't hit the WD posted performance of the My Passport SSD, we did see aggregate performance that puts the drive in a very favorable position at the head of the class. As professionals and consumers do more on the go, the portable SSD segment is going to rapidly grow in importance to vendors that deal in flash. WD is well positioned then with this effort not just in terms of performance, but in other elements like the software package for PCs they include and a design that is appealing. WD My Passport SSD Review
  4. Dear All, Bought this RAID SEVEN YEARS ago STARDOM sr3620-2s-sb2 And bought two of these TWO WEEKS ago 2.0TB Western Digital WD Black WD2003FZEX Intend to set this up as mirror storage Can someone tell me if this is gonna work? Can't see any problem, but can't be sure. Thanks very much in advance :)/ ida
  5. The new WD Black is fast - beating all other 4TB competition in every test. WD Black 4TB Desktop Hard Drive Review (WD4003FZEX)
  6. Between the 2 hard drives, what is the difference between the Western Digital Black series and the RE series? Obviously 1 is enterprise and 1 is meant for consumer. Say we were to take 2 drives: WD4000FYYZ (Enterprise RE drive) WD4003FZEX (Consumer based drive) What are the differences? Is the hardware the same? They are both 4tb drives with 5x 800 GB platters. The only difference that I see is that the Enterprise drive has TLER support. Is firmware the only difference then?
  7. hello I have a 3tb 3003FZEX 'Black' year 2014 , the screws on the PCB are not the standard torx 9 heads These new ones are designed differently, smoothed out and with absolute minimal head to grip a driver. I am not sure which type of driver to buy if one is even available yet? WD own brand? these are more cupped than flat. a standard torx driver is flat so does not grip into this 'bowl' type of head. hope this makes sense. Does anyone have any ideas on where to buy a driver? what type? thanks : ) these do not seem to be any of these: compare to a standard screw head,here below > above^ the standard style of head, for comparison.