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Found 9 results

  1. Synology has announced a slate of a new XS/Plus/Value-Series DiskStation NAS solutions, which is comprised of the DS3018xs, Synology’s first 6-bay tower NAS with optional 10GbE and NVMe SATA SSD support; the DS918+, DS718+ and DS218+, which are designed for intensive daily workloads; and the DS418, which features optimized 4K online transcoding capability. Also announced is a brand-new lineup of surveillance products, including NVR1218, an all-in-one, standalone surveillance solution; and the VS960HD, a compact surveillance monitoring and management device. Synology Announces a Slate of new XS/Plus/Value-Series DiskStations and Surveillance Products
  2. Hello all. At home I have a desktop PC and a Media Center PC. Both have one 2tb 3.5in drive (WD green) and one 1tb 3.5in drive (one seagate, one WD) each as storage. Both boot from 500gb hard drives and I must have about 5tb extra laying around between portable drives and laptops. I keep around 3.5tb between photos, videos and music, mirrored weekly by hand between the desktop and the media center, and backed up from time to time in portable drives. As you may imagine, I'm not happy with the way I keep my data. Also, sometimes either music or videos have to be split between drives. I don't want to spend too much money. Buying two 4tb drives to set up as a RAID 1 in my media center (mainboard supports it) would cost me about 270 euro, but scalability would be limited to buying yet another couple of bigger drives. I think I could move both 2tb drives and both 1tb drives to one DS414j NAS, transferring the data to the external drives in the meantime. According to Synology's webpage, if I use SHR it would give me some 4tb of storage with one drive redundancy. It would cost me 300 euro, but I'm thinking about convenience and scalability. If I understand correctly, should one drive fail I would just need to replace it with one the same size or bigger and set it to rebuild. What I don't have clear is: Let's say one 1tb drive fails and I put a 4tb one: According to the RAID calculator the new array could be of 5tb with redundancy instead of 4 and with a "wasted space" that would be waiting for the next hard drive switch to be used. Would it grow like that, or does it just rebuild it to the original size until I replace all 1tb drives? Thank you for your help.
  3. Good morning everyone! I have currently got a few TB of data sitting on my home desktop with little in the way of backups, redundancy or availability. I am looking at purchasing a NAS to fix all of the above. The data is a mixture of Office documents, pictures, music, videos, and other random file data. Some questions on NAS and drive selection: From a brief look around the various reviews and manufacturer sites, it seems the DS215+ would be a good choice of NAS. Would anyone have any other recommendations (maybe the DS713+ or something QNAP)? Does SHR (Synology Hybrid Raid) allow the creation of volumes on a NAS with different RAID protection levels? Some of the data on the NAS will need drive redundancy, however other data is not so critical and I am more than happy to store them with no protection. With regards to drives, I am looking at WD Reds (4-5TB), however would anyone consider WD Red Pros worthwhile for the above setup? My wireless router only has a single GB port, with multiple 100mb ports. Would connecting the NAS to two 100mb ports have much effect on performance? Thanks in advance for any assistance with these questions!
  4. I'm considering the DS214se for a home backup/storage solution and I'm rather concerned about the noise levels. I see in the review that it produces about 18.4dB(A) but what about when it's running with normal 3.5 mechanical harddrives? What is the noise level then?
  5. I am looking into Samsung 840/850 EVO SSD drives and Seagate Enterprise Capacity ST6000NM0044 drives, which feature hardware-based self-encryption via ATA password. I wonder whether or not Synology DS1815+ alike can take advantage of this feature? The following text is quoted from Does any know what exactly do I need to do to enable self-encryption of Samsung 840 EVO on Synology DS1815+? PS: 1. I understand Synology DSM provides only shared-folder-level software-based encryption, and does not support volume-level or disk(-group)-level encryption. 2. I also posted it on Synology forum, but do not anticipate any response there since appearance no one has been moderating their forum. Thanks! Pengkui
  6. Hey folks, I hope I do not miss any specific forum guidelines by starting the topic right here. Please notify me if I am missing something. I checked out a couple of reviews on and on other places on the internet as well as friends related to the IT sector. Short summary of facts: - ambitious amateur photographer with a lot of RAW image data - Mac only network, which means there is a MacBook Pro Retina and two MacBook Airs at the moment (total internal capacity of ~1,8TB) - TimeMachine backup running to external USB hard drive, an Apple TimeCapsule as well as CrashPlan online backup - an old Drobo FS with mixed old HDDs, total ~13-14TB (do not like it, very very slow, bad performance) - several USB 2.0 and FW800 drives, total ~6-7TB Aims: - buying a MacMini running OS X Server for home media consumption on HDTV, tv recording and automation workflows - buy a NAS or DAS (attached to MacMini and available via network share from the OSX Server) with about 20 TB raw capacity Use: - storage will mainly be used for storing large HD video files, RAW images and backups from the network computers - depending on hardware solution a dual disk redundancy should be workable My options: a) Synology DS1813+ with 8x 4TB HDD - what performance is to be expected from a DS1813+ if used with a single gigabit ethernet connection in a Mac network? I read about a couple of performance issues with SMB/AFP file transfer on Mac OS X Mavericks - I will not be able to purchase a switch with 802.3ad capability for my use as they are quite expensive. That means no link aggregation possible, correct? - use of RAID 6? External backup solution might be a couple of USB drives b ) Drobo 5D with 5x 4TB HDD - dual disk redundancy using Drobo's Beyond RAID - performance using Thunderbolt on a Mac should be around 100-150MB/s - network share using a Mac as a server - external backup using old Drobo FS or a couple of USB drives c) Lacie or G-Technology RAIDs - Lacie thunderbolt drives with 8TB or one 20TB, but they all come with RAID0/1, therefore having an exact copy on another Lacie drive is necessary - expensive - G-Technology also offers 8TB thunderbolt, same problem as Lacie but maybe more reliable hard drives - G-Technology G-Speed Q RAID is very pricey Choose of HDD: If deciding for a Drobo or Synology NAS, which hard drive is optimal to chose in terms of long life reliability? Performance should be ok with all of them for my needs - WD SE or WD RED 4TB - Hitachi Deskstar 4TB I do not like to go with Seagate as I had bad experience, however I had a couple dead-on-arrival WD RED 3TB last year in my Drobo FS. Other suggestions on 4TB are welcome. Looking forward for any feedback and suggestions, personal experience and recommendations! Best, Robert
  7. Synology has released a refreshed 2-bay NAS and a new value-oriented 2-bay NAS. Synology DS214+ Dual-Bay NAS Announced
  8. Synology has announced the addition of two DiskStations to their SOHO/SMB product line, the DS114 and DS414. Both new DiskStations are optimized for business use and are designed to make remote access and file sharing quick and efficient. Synology DS114 and DS414 DiskStations Announced
  9. Synology has updated their 2-bay SOHO NAS with new CPU. Synology DiskStation DS214 Announced