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Found 4 results

  1. Now that helium hard drives have been on the market for a couple of years, would you consider them to be as reliable as existing "conventional" hard drives, more reliable, or less reliable? Will the helium inside eventually leak out?
  2. I'm about to buy two Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD (Helium) hard drives. I'm interested in the 10TB drives, 512E, SATA. There are two Seagate models that look identical to me. What is the difference between model ST10000NM0016 and ST10000NM0086 ? I asked Seagate but I didn't get any real answer. I'm not interested in Encryption and I can't find any explanation of what "Hyperscale 512e" is. At the moment the only model available in Italy seems to be ST10000NM0016. Link to Seagate website showing all models: User Manual of ST10000NM0086: User Manual of ST10000NM0016: What is the difference between model ST10000NM0016 and ST10000NM0086 ? I need your help!
  3. I think I once read that traditional hard drives had difficulties at high altitudes (ex: on aircraft) because of the way they work. Seeing that the helium has to be hermetically sealed, would they work in space? On that note, with the lower density of helium, I'd imagine that a 10,000 rpm drive would be possible an would encouter no more difficulties in than a 7,200 rpm one on regular air.
  4. HGST has started shipping their new 6TB helium hard drives. HGST 6TB Ultrastar He6 HDD Now Shipping