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Found 6 results

  1. I am thinking of buying a Seagate Iron Wolf 4TB drive to use with my Thermaltake BlacX duet 5G dock for my Lightroom workflow. If I directly work on files stored on the 4TB drive, would there by any performace lag? The maximum file size would be around 90 MB.
  2. I am pretty sure that I will be using a Thunderbay 6 by OWC as my primary storage solution(it will be connected to a Mac Mini with a Thunderbolt 2 adapter), however something like a Drobo is also a possiblity What I am wrestling with is what will be my secondary storage that will be the backup for the RAID. The device is already going to the cloud so this is really about being able to recover from data loss in a reasonable amount of time and not downloading TBs of data. I initially thought I would go with a NAS solution but I then realized that I don't think having network connectivity will be possible for this device. Therefore I am rethinking my options. I know there are NAS options that have USB connections so I may consider one of them (WD My Cloud Pro) but I am now wondering if another RAID solution makes more sense. Any suggestions or advice are welcome. The capacity I am eying is 16TB but I could go to 12TB as well.
  3. The Netstor NA333TB3 is a 16-bay DAS solution that features Thunderbolt 3 connectivity for some pretty speedy performance, as demonstrated above, along with a massive storage pool of up to 160TB. This makes it ideal for businesses and power users that require fast, locally attached storage. Netstor has also made this a highly versatile device, as it supports pretty much all brands and models of RAID cards. The extra PCIe slots give users a ton of options to work with as well. Netstor NA333TB3 Thunderbolt DAS Review
  4. I'm looking for a fast, diskless Windows RAID 5 (or RAID 6) DAS solution with 4 or 5 bays to use with some old WD 3TB SATA drives. My use case is general file copying (often hundreds of gigabytes) and multimedia I/O. Price isn't a huge issue, thought I get disconcerted / skeptical comparing a $700 Drobo 5D to a $160 Mediasonic. USB3 seems a likely low-priced candidate, but I'd happily go Thunderbolt / eSATA / eSAS / ISCSI if it made an appreciable speed difference. I'd be willing to look beyond the drop-in consumer market if a well supported business product made more sense. I half / secretly believe that a name brand eSAS RAID and simple case is probably my best option, I'm just lost in that world. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi all, Thanks for this great forum. I have a pretty common scenario - 14+ years of family data with a spotty backup/sharing strategy, looking to do it right finally. Here's what we have to work with. I'll give as much detail as I can just in case it is useful. 'client' hardware * MacBook Pro (my business laptop) 512GB SSD * MacBook Air (new, wife/kids/homeschool) 256GB SSD * Various iOS devices 'server' * Mac Mini (media server in utility room) 256GB SSD (new, replaces an old Mini) - used to stream video to Apple TV and other iOS, music to various AirPlay, and as an Internet-accessible family web server storage * USB2 1.5TB HDD * USB2 1TB HDD * USB3 2x4TB RAID1 The most valuable data we have is digital photo/video from SLR's and iOS devices going back 14 years. What I currently have is: * MacBook Pro backup via Time Machine to the USB3 2x4TB RAID1 * Current year photo/video on MacBook Pro system drive (backed up only by virtue of Time Machine) * Photos/Videos up to current year stored solely on the USB3 2x4TB RAID1 * Old Mac Mini backup via Time Machine to the USB2 1TB HDD Issues include: * No offsite backup * No reliable way to access photo/video archive (we make family movies for the kids' birthdays that sometimes include past years). The MacBook Pro is the designated "editing station". * The RAID1 is both Time Machine and sole storage location for a priceless photo/video archive To resolve these, here is what I am thinking: * Purchase a fast (Thunderbolt 2?) DAS for photo/video editing station - Which one? Considering LaCie 5big, Promise Pegasus R4/R6, and OWC ThunderBay 4. I have seen you guys recommend buying empty chassis and HGST enterprise grade HDD's. Is that still the recommendation? - Which RAID level? RAID5 to balance performance and some semblance of safety, or RAID0 for maximum performance then clone to a second identical unit as a backup?? HW or SW RAID? - What capacity? - Do not quite understand yet what exactly is backed up from this and to where. Just the raw source files? * Maybe centralize the USB3 2x4TB RAID1 on the Mini and use it as a Time Machine backup of the Mini, MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air as well as a central place to put business/tax/legal documents. Maybe separate partitions? * Use the 1TB or 1.5TB USB2 as a clone of the boot drive on the MacBook Pro * Purchase a cheap ~$30 USB3 HDD dock and 2 or 3 4TB-or-so HDD's to connect to the Mini and use as a rotating offside backup - what will go on this? from where and can it be automated somehow? - I think this should be business/tax/legal documents, the photo/video library, and ?? I know these solutions potentially have a significant cost, but I feel like I have a 'debt' of years of putting this off, so I want to pay the debt and move forward with something we'll feel good about. Thanks in advance for your help guys! Patrick
  6. Hey folks, I hope I do not miss any specific forum guidelines by starting the topic right here. Please notify me if I am missing something. I checked out a couple of reviews on and on other places on the internet as well as friends related to the IT sector. Short summary of facts: - ambitious amateur photographer with a lot of RAW image data - Mac only network, which means there is a MacBook Pro Retina and two MacBook Airs at the moment (total internal capacity of ~1,8TB) - TimeMachine backup running to external USB hard drive, an Apple TimeCapsule as well as CrashPlan online backup - an old Drobo FS with mixed old HDDs, total ~13-14TB (do not like it, very very slow, bad performance) - several USB 2.0 and FW800 drives, total ~6-7TB Aims: - buying a MacMini running OS X Server for home media consumption on HDTV, tv recording and automation workflows - buy a NAS or DAS (attached to MacMini and available via network share from the OSX Server) with about 20 TB raw capacity Use: - storage will mainly be used for storing large HD video files, RAW images and backups from the network computers - depending on hardware solution a dual disk redundancy should be workable My options: a) Synology DS1813+ with 8x 4TB HDD - what performance is to be expected from a DS1813+ if used with a single gigabit ethernet connection in a Mac network? I read about a couple of performance issues with SMB/AFP file transfer on Mac OS X Mavericks - I will not be able to purchase a switch with 802.3ad capability for my use as they are quite expensive. That means no link aggregation possible, correct? - use of RAID 6? External backup solution might be a couple of USB drives b ) Drobo 5D with 5x 4TB HDD - dual disk redundancy using Drobo's Beyond RAID - performance using Thunderbolt on a Mac should be around 100-150MB/s - network share using a Mac as a server - external backup using old Drobo FS or a couple of USB drives c) Lacie or G-Technology RAIDs - Lacie thunderbolt drives with 8TB or one 20TB, but they all come with RAID0/1, therefore having an exact copy on another Lacie drive is necessary - expensive - G-Technology also offers 8TB thunderbolt, same problem as Lacie but maybe more reliable hard drives - G-Technology G-Speed Q RAID is very pricey Choose of HDD: If deciding for a Drobo or Synology NAS, which hard drive is optimal to chose in terms of long life reliability? Performance should be ok with all of them for my needs - WD SE or WD RED 4TB - Hitachi Deskstar 4TB I do not like to go with Seagate as I had bad experience, however I had a couple dead-on-arrival WD RED 3TB last year in my Drobo FS. Other suggestions on 4TB are welcome. Looking forward for any feedback and suggestions, personal experience and recommendations! Best, Robert