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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I'd like to know some relevant differences between this drives besides MTBF. 7E8 model ST8000NM0055 (MTBF 2,000,000 hr) 5E8 model ST8000AS0003 (MTBF 800,000 hr) 5E8 model is formerly known as an Archive HDD, both are 8TB so obviously I want to use them for archiving purposes. 7E8 seems generally better choice, but everywhere I look 5E8 costs more than 7E8 which is quite confusing. Do you have an experience with this drives, and/or recommendations? Thanks!
  2. Generally pleased with this drive, BUT. I can create directories but there is no way, as far as I can see, of specifying one of these to which the backups are sent.All you can do is select things to backup, but not where to put the files. There are standard folders on the drive, but that's all you can backup to. Disappointing!
  3. I'm about to buy two Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD (Helium) hard drives. I'm interested in the 10TB drives, 512E, SATA. There are two Seagate models that look identical to me. What is the difference between model ST10000NM0016 and ST10000NM0086 ? I asked Seagate but I didn't get any real answer. I'm not interested in Encryption and I can't find any explanation of what "Hyperscale 512e" is. At the moment the only model available in Italy seems to be ST10000NM0016. Link to Seagate website showing all models: User Manual of ST10000NM0086: User Manual of ST10000NM0016: What is the difference between model ST10000NM0016 and ST10000NM0086 ? I need your help!
  4. Hello! I'm torn between buying one of these 3 drives for use as my PC's boot drive: Seagate ST2000DX001 SSHD: 196BGN (~113 USD or 99 EUR) Toshiba DT01ACA200: 144BGN (~83 USD or 74 EUR) Toshiba P300 HDWD120EZSTA: 167BGN (~96 USD or 85 EUR) Looking at them, you might say that the SSHD is inherently better, however I'm worried about the reliability of seagate drives in general. Out of the 17 "broken" PC's I was busy diagnosing and repairing last month, 5 had dead hard drives, 4 of which were Seagate drives. As for the new Toshiba P300 series, the reason for me to consider it is that the other Toshiba drive I'm looking at is a bit old at 54-ish months. That and also the fact I'm expecting some performance improvements with the P300, although I haven't been able to find any benchmarks to confirm this. Regarding SSDs: I'll get one about a year from now, when I'll do a complete system upgrade. It's not economically feasible for me right now. Regarding WD Blacks: They're far too expensive where I live, nearly twice the price of competing 2TB drives. And from reviews I've read, they seem too noisy and hot. Regarding why 2TB and not more: My current PC is rather old - 3.8GHz E8500-based, which means it doesn't have a UEFI BIOS, which means I can't utilize a drive larger than 2.2TB as a boot drive. So what's your opinion? Has anyone had any experience with these P300 drives?
  5. Hello All, I need to build small storage that will hold few vm guests under XENSERVER , I would like to buy either ST6000VN0001 or ST6000NM0004 My question from which should i expect better performance and more suitble for such workload? BTW any other suggestion will be more than welcome Please advice Thanks
  6. Hello, I need firmware update for Seagate Cheetah 15k4(ST373454LW) and 15k5(ST3146855LC) and also X15(ST336752LW). I have these disc but some of them is original Seagate and other is OEM HP or Dell and I like to flash all with newest Seagate original FW. So please let me know where I can find original Seagate FW for these HDD + flash utility. Best will be flash utility in Boot CD form if exist but DOS or USB etc. will be good to. For Dell drives I have Utility with have also latest Dell firmware for all my HDD, but that is not ideal solution for my. Also if I like to use it, I will must use just that FW and some extra utility because Dell Nautilus utility not detect disc with non-dell FW so cannot be flashed with Nautilus. Of course if you send me info on mail I will leave all FW and utility just for my - not any uploading anywhere. Many thanks for all infos.
  7. Hi to all, A couple of days ago, my "1TB ST1000DM003" Seagate with firmware "CC49" and S.M.A.R.T. status "GOOD", started behaving oddly. When I was trying to copy an amount of data bigger than a few KB from my SSD windows 8 drive to this drive, the copy process was starting normally for a second and then the graph was dropping gradually to zero... At first I thought it was a windows problem and started backing up data to format the SSD with a new OS but after shutting down the computer once, the drive failed completely. After the shutdown, my 1TB seagate was not spinning any more, the bios was reporting "sata3 hdd error" and the size of the drive has been reduced to 123GB from 1TB according to BIOS status. In windows the drive was detected normally on "Device Manager" and it was normally appearing on Computer but without access to it and with the wrong size. After trying a lot of things, like changing the PCB, and some HDD utilities, I tried updating the firmware of the drive with the seagate utility I downloaded from the seagate website (the .exe not the iso), and like a miracle in the middle of the process of detecting the drives on my system, the hard drive resurrected and started spinning!! After that, the machine rebooted into windows and the drive was exactly as before, normal size, all data present and full speed without any problems! My question now is this, every time I shutdown the computer the drive becomes broken again, and every time I run the seagate update program is being resurrected! So first of all, what is the exact problem of the drive and is there any way to fix this error, without loosing the drive or changing the PCB?
  8. I am looking into Samsung 840/850 EVO SSD drives and Seagate Enterprise Capacity ST6000NM0044 drives, which feature hardware-based self-encryption via ATA password. I wonder whether or not Synology DS1815+ alike can take advantage of this feature? The following text is quoted from Does any know what exactly do I need to do to enable self-encryption of Samsung 840 EVO on Synology DS1815+? PS: 1. I understand Synology DSM provides only shared-folder-level software-based encryption, and does not support volume-level or disk(-group)-level encryption. 2. I also posted it on Synology forum, but do not anticipate any response there since appearance no one has been moderating their forum. Thanks! Pengkui
  9. Hi, I recently bought an Alienware area51 desktop (or is it Aurora?) from the Dell outlet. It had all I wanted from it except it is lacking in the HDD department with a single Seagate 1 TB 7200 RPM disk. I figured it would be easy to upgrade to 4 3 TB Seagates which I also bought but haven't installed yet. I'm a bit short of time and would like to install them the fastest and easiest way possible. I tried putting in one of the 3 tb disks and changing in the bios boot screen the hard drive mode to rAID but the computer won't boot. My idea was mirroring that one and then removing the 1 tv and setting in another of the 3 gb drives to make the first 3 gb drive 3 gb again, and then finally the other two. I just would really like to skip making a backup of the boot drive and just copying it over... Any tips? Something I can download or buy (cheap) to do this? Thanks, Xair
  10. What is the difference between these 2 drives? - Same LAMD controller - I think they both use 19nm Toshiba Toggle NAND - Is only the firmware different? I'm interested in buying one of these in the 480 GB version. The Seagate 600 for the 480 GB version is somewhat cheaper by about ~$40 CAD, although the warranty is 2 years shorter. Is it worth getting the Neutron GTX or should I go with the Seagate?
  11. I plan to buy a 2TB external hard drive and need some advice on which to choose. I found some for around £50-80 which were Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate I have done some research and it seems Hitachi are the best and Seagate the worst? But I thought I should ask the experts too.. What I really need to know is which brand is most reliable and what to look for in drives, aside from the lifespan of the warranty, I don't know much about the specifications other than the storage capacity, so any help would really be appreciated, Thank you for your time
  12. Review of Seagate's 2TB desktop hybrid hard drive. Seagate Desktop SSHD Review
  13. Seagate's Business Storage 2-bay NAS is designed for SOHO users and prosumers who require the ability to back-up and centralize storage. The Business Storage 2 bay NAS builds on Seagate's previous generation BlackArmor NAS technology while adding new connectivity features including USB 3.0, an additional Ethernet port, and a universal storage module (USM) slot. Seagate Business Storage 2 Bay NAS Review
  14. Newegg is offering Seagate's 1TB SSHD(hybrid drive) for $99 after a $30.00 Instant rebate and $20 discount promo code. Seagate Solid State Hybrid ST1000LM014 1TB 64MB Cache 2.5" SATA 6.0Gb/s Laptop Hard Drive -Bare Drive Promo code: EMCWXWR27 Code expires 10/21. These drives offer an economical option to get more performance without shelling out for an SSD or sacrificing capacity. Review of the 500GB version(both with 8GB of MLC NAND). Seagate SSHD Thin Review (Gen3 500GB, ST500LM000)