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Found 3 results

  1. I plan to buy a 2TB external hard drive and need some advice on which to choose. I found some for around £50-80 which were Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate I have done some research and it seems Hitachi are the best and Seagate the worst? But I thought I should ask the experts too.. What I really need to know is which brand is most reliable and what to look for in drives, aside from the lifespan of the warranty, I don't know much about the specifications other than the storage capacity, so any help would really be appreciated, Thank you for your time
  2. Hello everyone i need advice on these toshiba hdd... they are actually hitachi HDS723020BLE640 (these drive are when toshiba buy 3.5 hdd plant from hitachi-WD) before i rarely check their smart until recently i found out one of 2 drives in RAID1(software IntelRST) have Read Error Rate dropped from 100 to 83 other smart status are normal reallocated sectors count, seek error rate, reallocation event count, currect pending sector count, uncorrectable sector count is clear basically the SMART status not showing any bad sign beside "Read Error Rate" i read intel rst can cause Read Error Rate also i read some article saying that its normal for hitachi drive that dropping abit of Read Error Rate (backblaze article?) but i have been using this drive for 28000hours (so it around 3years online)... so well i suspect there is wearing parts on it i need advice regarding this, should i replace the drive soon? or its normal and plus its in RAID1 so it will be fine for a while ? thanks in advance
  3. I'm looking for a large hard drive ideally 5-6TB, and historically, I've preferred the WD Black series. Anyways, apparently Hitachi Deskstar makes 6TB NAS hard drives: Looking at the 6TB version: Price in US is always cheaper , and it's gotten worse due to the Canadian dollar weakening as of late Anyways, the only reviews I could find were these: Performance looks pretty good (at least the 4TB one). The 6TB one I'm not sure of, but areal density is higher (703 Gb/in^2 vs 446). I think it's a 5 platter design (anyone put 6 platters in a non-HE drive?), with ~1.2 TB per platter? Only other thing of note is that they have a larger cache (128 vs 64 MB). Does anyone have any experience with these hard drives? They look like a good buy, certainly better than the WD Green/Red 6TB or Seagate 6TB. I'm going to be using them on my desktop for video editing. How would they compare to the WD Black?