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    Recommend A Good Keyboard?

    Quick update. Found the URL that will alter the F-key functionality. http://www.mvps.org/jtsang/flock.html This includes registry editing, so be careful, but on the bright side it works with 2K and XP. I'll have to give this a whirl tomorrow at the office.
  2. DrSchmoe

    Recommend A Good Keyboard?

    You know, it is rather pathetic when a keyboard can have its functionality changed by a registry hack. Evidentially there are folks at Microsoft that like their new keyboards just as much as I do. Thanks for the tip, I never bothered to examine this, thinking that all the options would have been readily apparent in the keyboard control panel.
  3. DrSchmoe

    Recommend A Good Keyboard?

    Ahh... My good old 3rd Generation Natural Keyboard Pro. Feels like a comfortable easy chair. I do agree, the new 4th generation keyboards are terrible. I have one at the office and every time I reboot, that darned F-lock key decides to reset itself. It wouldn't be so bad if it were a toggle. Invariably I always notice when trying to do a ctrl-insert, shift-insert and not accomplishing anything. Ive managed to collapse the stands a few times, but fortunately never to the point of breaking. I have *no* idea why MS went to this new design. It seemed everyone mourned the loss of the Pro. Paul Thurrott of WinInfo had a screed about it in one of his weekly updates. The USB hub is also great... I have my Intellimouse Explorer plugged in -- reminds me of the old Mac ADB concept. In any event, I'm interested to hear what you finally settle on. This keyboard can't last forever (but hopefully will survive until MS rearranges the keys back to the 'retro' layout). Bleh...
  4. DrSchmoe

    Raptors 74gb In Raid 0

    I'm not Nufan, but I can answer that... My Raptor showed up a couple days ago. Actually, I think I'm probably more like the typical user. A lot of people on these boards are RAID obsessed, whereas I on the other hand prefer to shoot for the highest single-drive reliability/performance I can find. My prior drive was a WD400BB, so I don't upgrade drives all too often. I buy a new system every 4 years and do a substantial upgrade every 2 (new video, ram, fastest processor the motherboard will allow). My system is outfitted for minimal noise. I have an Antec Sonata case, Zalman heat sinks, etc. Anyway, my assessment of the drive is that the idle noise floor is lower than the WD400. The WD400 had near-silent seek noise, whereas the new drive is more audible (very low volume clicking). However, the drive is in my personal workstation which is not a server, etc. Consequentially it only tends to seek when I'm loading an app, etc (<1% of the time). This is fine for me, but if for instance you were a student who spent all day trading illegal music then yes, the seek noise could get annoying. It's more than anything Seagate, less than anything SCSI. For the typical/performance user it is probably fine, for those 'silent obsessed' the Seagates are still best. My line of thinking is the highest performance possible (all at stock speeds) with the least noise possible. Oh, and on the bright side, my WinXP boot times are around 15 seconds.
  5. DrSchmoe

    Raptors 74gb In Raid 0

    I received this email from NewEgg early this morning: "Dear Customer, We only stand by the Newegg warranty of 1 year. It was truly a pleasure serving you and we hope for the opportunity to do business with you again in the near future." Is it just me, or is it truly worthless to list a 3rd party warranty? I really couldn't care less what NewEgg might warrant their parts for. In any event, it looks like I'll get a 5-year warranty, and then after buying with my AmEx that will automatically be extended to 6. That's a definite improvement seeing as how my WD400BB expires in a week and a half.
  6. DrSchmoe

    Raptors 74gb In Raid 0

    I don't know. Personally I'm convinced it has to be an error. Unfortunately I haven't seen another site that actually lists the warranty. I looked at all of the companies mentioned in this forum and haven't found one that posted warranty data. Here's an option... The WDC support site will tell you your warranty term if you input your serial number. If anyone has an OEM drive, I'd be much obliged if they verified the 5-year status. Who knows, it could be an intentional 'slip up' designed to boost sales of their extended warranty. Granted that's a bit conspiratorial and most likely it was a lazy inventory person trying to load the data into the e-commerce site before the weekend.
  7. This is odd... Newegg has the drives in stock, but lists the warranty as 1 year and offers to extend it another year for $17. I emailed for clarification, however since its after business hours I doubt I'll get a response until Monday (at which time I expect them to be sold out).
  8. Actually, the WDC Raptor's should have the same reliability as SCSI. I don't know their failure rates exactly, but Raptors are essentially the newest models of WDC's former SCSI line. The original Raptors were almost identical to the old WDC SCSI drives with the exception that they pulled off the SCSI electronics and fitted them with IDE/SATA controlers. Otherwise the drive is mechanically similar to the old WDC Enterprise SCSI line -- and thus significantly more robust than any other IDE drive on the marketplace (better magnets, more rigid chasis, etc).
  9. DrSchmoe

    74Gig Raptor on pricewatch.com

    568 on the high end drive mark... It beats the Cheetah 15K.3 by 63 points, or 10% or so! Crikey, I can't wait to see this thing reviewed. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on it soon because my aging 40GB WDC400BB is starting to make odd noises and the warranty is only good for another month.