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  1. Very interesting article on the history of disk drives. Cool pics of giant hard drives. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/print/9201519/Computer_History_Museum_to_highlight_storage_from_RAMAC_to_microdrives?taxonomyName=Storage&taxonomyId=19
  2. It seems that the default Win7 drivers for the intel made all the sata drives removable and would disconnect them on restore. Installing the intel chipset drivers have stopped this so far.
  3. I just a WD Black drive after using seagate for many years. Whenever I got into sleep and resume in Vista, it would disconnect and i would have to either reboot or unplug and replug in the cable for it to appear again. I've already changed cables and port but that didn't seem to help. I also have two seagates and an intel hooked up and they are fine. Anyone know what could be causing this? Asus P6T mobo with AHCI mode.
  4. PC Perf has a review of them http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=775&a...xpert&pid=2 Quite amazing. They should just call it the TRex as it will eat the raptops at over 6x the size. The min sustain xfer is almost as fast as max of the 5400RPM Green drives! I'm going to have to get me a bunch once price drops below $200.
  5. While I'm waiting for Intel to get them G2 SSDs out and newegg to fix their price guaging program, it looks like 2TB HDD will have a continue on a little longer. WDs new 2TB Black will have 2 actuators and 64MB cache! http://www.pcper.com/comments.php?nid=7707 Thats a pretty interesting feature and should help access times. It will be exciting to see how it battles a velociraptor!
  6. HexiumVII

    OCZ Vertex ssd launched!

    I'm pretty excited that SSDs are coming quite mainstream. Would be really nice on a laptop. Now the question is how well performance can stay up there with general usage. They have found Intels aggressive write combining algorithms wreaks havoc on the fragmentation. You can check out a preview, which shows it can def hold it's on compared to intel in raw benchies. Also Win7 should help alleviate some of the problems we have in SSD like formatting with he correct boundaries in NTFS. Current formatting maps right in the middle of SSD pages. Also auto defrag will be turned off. You can check out the WinHEC PPT about it.
  7. HexiumVII

    AHCI, enable or leave disabled?

    PCPerf shows that AHCI def helps SSDs a lot and helps certain instances when NCQ can't really do it's job. Check here for benches and a guide to enable it PC Perf
  8. Are you restoring through Windows or from DOS? I've found the newer versions to be more buggy than older versions. I would recommend using ver 8-10 boot CDs for restore as they are quite fast and offer "safe mode" which doesn't have all the compatibility issues on Intel controllers. You may also want to try O&O Diskimage as it seems almost as robust as Trueimage. I haven't tried any other imaging software that i really like, Ghost 14 is just terrible and requires reboot for too many things. It's sad they took over driveimage and destroyed it. Another alternative is Marcium reflect, the free version doesn't offer incremental. But i'll probably try the pro version later as it's one of the last imaging software i haven't had a full run on.
  9. The google study showed negligible effect on drive reliability. Power usage and the short time to spin up are really the only factors.
  10. HexiumVII

    Corrupted Master Partition Table ( MPT )

    Just wondering did you connect using firewire?
  11. HexiumVII

    Windows 7

    I love the classic start menu. I'm not sure if i can handle not being with it. I use it in conjuction with rocket dock also. The superbar takes up just too much space with it's docked icons to be practical.
  12. HexiumVII

    Complete and thorough HDD erase

    A single pass is all you need to securely wipe the drive. Anything more is total myth. There is no way to recover any usable data whatsoever after that. Even with all the fancy scanning transmission electron microscopy you have barely 50% chance of figuring out whether or not the bit was 0 or 1 before if. You can go through all the white papers for the math, google data recovery. So far there have been no case of anyone ever recovering data that has been wiped with a single pass on a hard drive. I read somewhere they have been able to recover bytes here and there from floppy disks as they use a different magnetic storage mechanism. Just remember format does not wipe anything at all. For some free wipe tools google ultimate boot cd.
  13. HexiumVII

    7200.11 500GB drive failures?

    Ugh, i just got two 750GB 7200.11 from Dell, and i'm really on the wall to flash it or not. It seems to be more of a media hype than anything as i've seen many hard drives come and go, live and die. Still have never really had a seagate die on my own systems though *knock on wood*. I usually upgrade to bigger size every 2 years or so. The Dell firmware is here if anyone is looking for it. http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/...p;fileid=293979
  14. HexiumVII

    Intel X25-M

    Not getting it for my desktop, but my laptop which takes 12-20 seconds for CS3 and i use the entire suite, sometimes i dread opening them. I usually have 3-4 of them open along with 4 browsers and about 50 tabs each, so memory gets a bit low and even worst GDI resources and handles get used up. Its the reason people open notepad to write something simple rather than word, which is so much better and secure, its the speed in opening them. imsabbel, i don't know where you went to school, but 3 - 6 to 7 does not equal 1. This thing is twice as fast as the next fastest thing out there. That's nothing to sneeze at. This is pretty much the SSD revolution everyone was expecting when SSD drives were released but ultimately failed disappointed. I wonder how well it can pass the infamous 9 thread test.
  15. I have a firewire box and use it extremely rarely, usually to transfer data to friends and stuff. Recently the MFT would corrupt. I have other boxes that are USB and eSATA and never have any problem. Well this happened 3 times on 2 different drives. So i'm figuring it has to be the Firewire. I seem a couple of reports of weird stuff with windows and bad firewire storage implementation. Anyone know if this exists for stuff like DV Firewire cameras too? Right now i have a a drive with some 200gb of games that is corrupt, anyone know a good program to fix this? I have tried a couple of windows ones and they don't seem to help. I have a couple of ultimate boot cds but can't really figure out which program to use. Any tips on fixing the MFT would be great appreciated!