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  1. Is there any alternatives to the Dell's PERC H330 controller? 2 disks, just RAID 1
  2. Blutarsky

    Affordable & reliable RAID 1 controller

    in what way, exactly?
  3. Blutarsky

    Affordable & reliable RAID 1 controller

    Windows Server 2012 R2, however I didn't setup any RAID configuration within Windows, but from the computer BIOS. Apparently this makes RAID transparent to the system, although it is considered as software raid. Dell PERC S130
  4. Blutarsky

    Affordable & reliable RAID 1 controller

    Well our small server Dell T130 is running software RAID through an Intel onboard chip, however we're told from Dell representatives that we may get in trouble if a problem arises
  5. I have bought a portable loudspeaker, the bose soundlink, remarkable for it's performance, due to the speaker's magnet size, according to the design team. I carry that portable speaker in my backpack, along with multiple portable hard disks, and I was wondering if this can be harmful... What do you think?
  6. I know it's a semi-off topic, but I'm posting it here as it may be commented by a "sensitive" user group: - I'm planning to use an external HDD as a synchronize unit between home/office PC; basically you plug in the disk and the software will synchronize bidirectionally accordingly: music, pictures, documents, videos: 140GB in 105,000 files in 13,000 folders There are many tools that will help such as MS Synctoy, PureSync, Freefilesync, Allway sync, etc, however all of them (apparently) will require scanning both sides each time to verify changes. It takes time; boring on a daily basis. I was wondering if it exists any other tool that will manage changes with other techniques, could be a database, and/or a hook on the filesystem API, tracking changes in real time, fastening the scan phase as it would constantly know what files have changed since last sync. Lightning fast! Any idea?
  7. Blutarsky

    [Semi OT] - Fastest sync software

    Digging around I have spotted a tool named Viceversa. Did anyone test this? It seems to have a real time monitoring tool.... unfortunately seems quite expensive.... 59$ + 24$ for the engine! Any alternatives?
  8. Why? Isn't iron attracted by a magnet?
  9. Yes? I mean the loudspeaker's magnet is quite powerful, it will capture iron objects (such as nails) when close to it Can you clarify why it shouldn't alter data on the disk?
  10. Blutarsky

    Are extension cable safe?

    3 Feet is roughly 1 meter... maybe using a tester I can test for proper voltage? Thanks for helping
  11. I am using a Sata extension cable (0,5 meters) for an internal HD 2,5" however two hard disk got damaged (bad sectors, after a while).. I was wondering if the problem may be due to a defective/too long cable, or if simply could be a coincidence.... What do you think?
  12. Blutarsky

    Are extension cable safe?

    Basically the disk is part of a sat decoder; the decoder sports a sata-to-proprietary plug (connected to the decoder's motherboard). As I wish to comfortably access the disk, I have bought the extension cable, to allow the disk to be placed outside of the decoder's case. The disk sits in a safe area. It simply may have been a defective batch (identical disks), however as the decoder's cable is very short, I was wondering if prolonging the cable could lead to side effects, for example lower voltage, consequently damaging the disk....