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  1. Hi, i need to Configure the Storage server (first 24 SATA Seagate SV35) with a LSI MegaRAID 9271-8i in RAID 6. I connected both mini-SAS SFF-8087 x4 from the LSI to the first HBA on the expander Card so that the Controller manages 24 SATA HDDs. The problem is that the LSI WebBIOS only shows Connector Ports 0-3 active (so only the first mini-SAS Cable / Connector). I tried cross-connecting the LSI with one mini-SAS on the first HBA1 and second to the HBA2, and the result was unexpected, now both Connector ports were active, but all the Drives were "unconfigured, BAD" and i couldn't add them to drive groups. LSI Support can't help me because they don't know much about the Expander, Backplane etc. And Supermicro suggested that the problem lies with the SATA Drives, and I should use SAS Drives instead. But i cannot believe that is the case. I want to use a non-cascading Architecture with 2 HW RAID-Controllers + Onboard RAID-Controller for a combined of 72 SATA HDDs. As seen in this Documentation : This is the Server :