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  1. Hello! I will pay shipping!...this is a great drive!!! Thanks guys! B
  2. I have a 2 week old Cheetah 15.3K 34GB 15,000RPM Hard Drive w/ 68-pin connector for sale for $125! I'll even throw in a rounded SCSI cable w/ terminator for free! There is NOTHING wrong with the drive. I'm just trying to recoup some cash I spent on upgrading. I also have an Adaptec Ultra-160 29160N, BUT it's a Mac version.....if anyone would like that. Thanks for looking! Brett
  3. Whoops guys...it's a P4 550, not 560....sorry...typing too fast. B
  4. Hey guys selling the following home built computer: Abit AA8-DuraMAX i925 motherboard Pentium 4 560 3.4GHz CPU 1GB Corsair DDR2 matched pair. 36GB WD Raptor 10K RPM SATA Plextor DVD-RW SATA 128MB GeForce PCX9500 PCI-Express video card Sunon fans through out....looks excellent!!!!!! oh..Antec TruPower 430 Power Supply. Will ship with Logitech optical mouse, and Logitech keyboard. No monitor. There is nothing wrong with this system at all...just got the upgrade bug, again! I would like at least $600, and I'll ship at no charge to you. Thanks guys!!! B
  5. budgadget

    Abit Ag8 I915 Lga775, And Corsair Pc3200

    OK guys! Motherboard is sold! I'll be adding more things after next upgrade to i925XE/P4 570J...this winter. Thanks guys! B
  6. budgadget

    Will I925x Support The P4 570j Cpu?

    Problems with LGA775 Platform???? Like what? I haven't noticed anything yet...maybe at higher clock speeds I could see that (4GHz+)......Maybe at 1066MHz FSB, 64-Bits, 4.00GHz, 2MB L2, and E-0 like architecture...Prescott will do some damage, or heat some rooms. I hate these baby steps Intel takes....I wish i925XE was here today, along with the Pentium 4 570J 3.80Ghz (E0). B
  7. I would like to get the CPU this October or so, when it comes out...if Intel is on time this time. Any word on if i925X will support the new 1066MHz FSB? I've heard Intel is considering enabling the new FSB speed on the i925X chipset...considering it already supports the DDR2 667MHz memory...I'd imagine, it would be just a BIOS update to enable the new FSB... That would be really cool if i925X supports the new FSB speed, and the "J" version (E0 stepping) CPU's.....other than releasing the i925XE chipset, and make all of us that got the i925X boards, LGA775 CPU's and DDR2 667MHz memory...not to mention what we had to spend on our new PCI-Express video cards.... I think that would suck if I have to not only have to buy a new CPU, but, a new motherboard AGAIN, just to upgrade.........I can see once a year, but twice in a year!!?? B
  8. budgadget

    Abit Ag8 I915 Lga775, And Corsair Pc3200

    OK guys...the Corsair Memory is SOLD!!!! But the Abit board is still available! Thanks! B
  9. budgadget

    Abit Ag8 I915 Lga775, And Corsair Pc3200

    I emailed you back...please check your email. If you don't get it, let me know, and I'll PM you back... Thanks!! B
  10. budgadget

    Plextor Px-712sa Rocks!

    ....hehehehe..yeah, I thought that was weird too.. B
  11. I would like at least $80 for the motherboard, only 6 days old...upgraded to AA8-DuraMAX i925 board... And I would like at least $150 for the 1GB (x512) Corsair DDR...upgraded to Corsair PC5300 DDR2 ...though, I am open to offers guys!! B
  12. budgadget

    Best Quality Case Fan?

    ..that's weird, today, I finally replaced two Sunon 80mm intake fans for my proxy at work; and I replaced them just for the idea of these fans have been in that case since 1999!!...they still ran like a champ, I just didn't want to take a chance...besides they were looking quite ugly after being in there so long.....I kept that box sprayed out, but the fans just get that ugly look to them after about 3 years of age.... I guess there probebly some Sunon duds out there somewhere...there has to be. B
  13. budgadget

    Plextor Px-712sa Rocks!

    I can't change sig to black.....so I made it green. How do you change it to black? B