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  1. Crucial lists these modules at $83 http://www.crucial.com/store/PartSpecs.asp...le=CT32M64S4D7E but I am asking for $70 each or $180 if you buy all 3. Add $5 for shipping in the US. RAM is in PERFECT condition, no scratches of any sort. I have other stuff for sale, like an ASUS A7V board, an Athlon Thunderbird 950MHz (unlocked) CPU etc. Want to see my ebay feedback? Check out username "timechange-dot-com" I am selling secondary gear that was going to build a linux box. Thanks, Theo Orlando, FL
  2. timechange.com

    IBM Deskstar performance on Windows XP

  3. timechange.com

    D740x Vs Deskstar 60GXP

    I had a 30 Gb IBM 75GXP; it died in 18 months. A 60 Gb IBM 60GXP died in 4 months. No problems so far with an 80 Gb Maxtor D740X.
  4. timechange.com

    Which 19" Monitor?

    Prior to the 22" Mitsubishi DiamnondPro 2040u, I used a 19" Viewsonic G790. Good picture but it's aperture grille and curvy. I just love the perfect flatness of the Mitsubishi. If you are content with 1280x1024 max then you might want to try the NEC models (same high quality trinitron tube as the Mitsubishi and cheaper).
  5. timechange.com

    Which 19" Monitor?

    Argh no edit woes...oh well. I forgot to mention that I am working at 1600x1200 @ 85Hz. Radeon kicks ass. Before that I had a Voodoo3 3000 (R.I.P 3dfx) that was also renowed for their excellent 2D.
  6. timechange.com

    Which 19" Monitor?

    Here are the specs of the 2060, for $876 at mwave.com: http://direct.mwave.com/mwave/doc/266884.html
  7. timechange.com

    Which 19" Monitor?

    I have the 22" (20" viewable) Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2040u. That came out about 18 months ago, costing $1,150. The newest model is the 2060u so that 2040u should be much cheaper now. Excellent monitor, with a Radeon 32 DDR card.
  8. timechange.com

    ???RMA this 45Gig 75GXP

    Call IBM and be nasty. It works. At least you will get a replacement. If it's new, sell it fast!!!
  9. Netgear are solid. They have a full metal case, not some cheap plastic junk like Linksys. I had the RT314 but I sold it and bought the wireless MR314. Tonns of features; I can now surf from 4 different computers at my house, all over Roadrunner's 1 IP. Yes, I've read they feature almost everything one can imagine but they're quite hard to find around here (In my case it would have been the Netgear RT314 with integrated 4-port switch). I believe I've found one on-line shop that had it but it had a hefty price tag. About twice the SMC price...
  10. timechange.com

    Maxtor D740X beaten by IBM 120GXP

    I don't want to have to guess what IBM "should have implemented by now" or learned from their mistakes. I am not buying another IBM drive PERIOD. Not only that, I have joined the class action lawsuit and I plan to be reimbursed for the $$$ I paid for the 75GXP and 60GXP even if it takes 2 years for the case to end. I advise everyone to hold onto these defective drives (in their closet) and their receipts - if you guys want your money back and not another refurbished exchange that will die sooner than your previous IBM. Check out http://www.sheller.com/ibmclassaction.htm and fill out the form.
  11. timechange.com

    For Sale: Brand new IBM 60GXP 30GB

    Sorry about your friend I disagree. My 30 Gb 75GXP first failed 17 months after I bought it. The 60Gb 60GXP failed in 5 months.
  12. Prospathwvtas na diabasw to nickname!
  13. Nothing less than a Netgear. I have the wireless MR314 - it has more gadgets than a swiss army knife (oops, that's from Toy Story)
  14. timechange.com

    For Sale: Brand new IBM 60GXP 30GB

    Who was the lucky victim? LOL
  15. timechange.com

    Help with new Seagate IV 80GB and FDISK

    To clarify, you won't be able to use more than 32 Gb under Win98 (the FDISK you are using) Since you actually want to install XP, do it from the CDROM. See this link for details: http://www.maxtor.com/products/bigdrive/whitepaper.htm