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  1. Yeah, looking good. http://www.hardwareheaven.com/community/threads/seagate-drops-the-worlds-largest-tiny-hard-drive.234522/
  2. I have seen some 4TB 2.5" external drives. Not sure about the internal dimensions but they are very good value for money IMO. About the same price as 3.5" (external).
  3. Never tried it, but you should be ok. The problem is when you want to use it as your boot drive.
  4. Usually when I got a new PC or upgraded one, I would also replace the HDDs so I don't have any "ancient" ones any more. Apart from 1 from about 2003 which I am not sure if it is still operational and a couple external 1TB drives from....2005-6 IIRC which still work, but I wouldn't call any of them "ancient".
  5. WDLL

    Presario 2816ea/HD options

    Rise from your grave! I'm back! An update on this. I did get the very first 7200rpm drive released back in 2003 or something lol. It was definitely a huge improvement. Before I did that I used a USB hdd to install and run games from, which proved a huge success at the time. Speed wise. I continued to use this laptop till about the end of 2005 when at least for modern games it started showing its age. I recently found my old laptop (this one), it's in terrible condition (who knew the soft plastic all around the keyboard would dissolve over the years?). I am in the process of trying to bring it back to life, like this thread. If I do manage to make it run, I am thinking of replacing the hdd (thus this thread) with hopefully an SSD. It's going to be an issue as not many 9.5mm pata SSDs exist AFAIK. This will be fun.
  6. WDLL

    Presario 2816ea/HD options

    Welll, Kakarot, thank you very much for your reply. Its good news to hear about the new disk coming out this year, so I might wait for that. I will wait for your review on that disk though. Are you into reviewing in general? (just curious). The extra size and weight for an external drive doesn't bother me at all since I rarely move the laptop outside my flat. And when I do its not for games. Speed (and of course reliability) is the most important thing now for me. With my current HD I noticed problems in some games, like Battlefield1942 and Renegade (no, not the old beat em up game ) where I could feel the HD trying to read faster but wan't able to, thus the usual stattering. Plus it takes about a minute to load windows where my old desktop with two ibms ata 100 drives (7200) takes about 15 seconds at worse. So, my main curiosity about the external drives is if I would put a game there, would I get better performance for that game? Still, of course I would prefer a fast internal drive. The one other thing that I read yesterday that I wasn't aware of was that according the the HD manual that I downloaded (for my current disk) you are not supposed to use the disk for more than 160 hours a month. WTF? SInce when are such limitations? I was very surprised, especialy since I use the Hd more like 90 hours a week at least. I don't remember anything like that in the desktop drives, not even in the old days of ST and Amiga when the machine would stay on for days.
  7. Hi I am glad that I found this site, plenty of info here. To my question. I bought the Compaq Presario 2816ea last August. A good laptop. Now, I am not very much satisfied with the HD speed of it. From what I know the drive is the Hitachi DK23DA-30something like that. Its capacity is 30GBs. It is supposed to run at UDMA 5. Still, it feels slow. I was thinking of upgrading it to something faster. I was unable to find info as to what my laptop supports (noone had an answer at compaq) so my thought of upgrading to a very fast laptop drive are put into hold. I do hope I could get one 7200? 9.5mm drive if there are any and supported by the laptop. Since I do't know anything about laptop drives though.... So, I also thought about getting an external drive. The computer has USB 2.0 so thats not bad. But, I have no idea if getting one (I have seen several models 7200 USB2 drives) would actualy equal having a faster drive. Speed is very important to me, the main reason is games. Lots of them So, if youhave managed to read my whole post and understood my problems, can you please suggest something/help me? If there is any more info needed I would happily provide it.