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  1. What is the difference even though they are the same price and is there a advantage of buying it directly instead ?
  2. p6889k how does the VelociRaptor in responsiveness feel compared to your 2x SCSI Seagate 15K.3 Cheetah hard drives ? Have you ever tried a Raptor 150 GB ?
  3. Lets hope they come down in price sooner rather than later.
  4. Simply incredible! Installing Crysis from 3 mins to well under 1 minute is purely amazing!
  5. Thanks it was Kaspersky. It basically halts my hard drive at startup making nothing else be able to start for a few minutes. Really annoying.
  6. Sometimes my 150 gig Raptor will load Windows Vista in the background while I start up and I can start going to start/windows/computer instantly as its booting up. Other times I boot up and try to click start/programs/computer and it will freeze on start and a small part of the screen disappears, as it is waiting to load. Sometimes I have to wait for all the startup items to load up then it will become responsive again. The thing I don't get is this doesn't always happen. Sometimes the first option happens. Is there something wrong with my hard drive? How can I test it to be sure ? I do have the hard drive vertial but don't think that should make a difference? My motherboard is a Gigabyte D3 and maybe its just the main Serial ATA Controllers ? I don't know ? I am not using the Gigabyte raid controller should i try using that controller instead of the intel Serial ATA controller ? I won't be using raid or anything. I rather use the fastest controller for my hard drives. I have a Hitachi 500 gig 7200 rpm hard drive as well and it didn't ever do the same thing exactly, sense there is no os loaded on it, but it did take a few seconds to start becoming responsive when I started using it at least one time that I can remember. I really hate this lag but if I can't fix it I guess I can live with it.
  7. Is it really worth it and for who ? If it is worth it how many is worth it ? One, two, three ? I am thinking either getting the Seagate 7200.10 320 gig and the 150 gig western digital raptor. If not then maybe two or three Seagate 7200.10 rpm 320 gig hard drives.
  8. imtim83

    Innocent Voices This is one of the best movies I have even seen. I really don't want to spoil it for anyone if they haven't seen it yet but if you have what do you think, without giving any spoilers away? All I can say is wow.
  9. imtim83

    Girl, 11, will be mother I am glad the 15 year old was charged with rape! Finally someone takes action!
  10. imtim83

    Tropical System-West Coast - CA Wow now that's eerie looking!
  11. imtim83

    Tropical System-West Coast - CA

    Someone just alerted NBC local channel 4, and NOAA. Official.
  12. 30 year old mother having repeated sexual contact with her daughter's 8-year-old playmate
  13. imtim83

    Phoenix Lights footage

    I would give up sex forever to know the truth. I don't care if its Jessica Alba, more than one person, or anyone else. Doesn't make a difference.