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  1. lol youre absolutely correct my fault! so that makes me curious. since standard 2.5 drives dont use the 12v rail but the mobo has it and does have a standard connector does the connector have 12v contacts that just arent used or are they just not there? im guessing youre right the 12v connections just arent there.
  2. no, it won't fit in laptops at all-- modern laptops lack +12v entirely and this drive, like all desktop drives I've used recently, requires +12v in addition to +5v.The server market is moving to 2.5" in high performance situations where higher spindle count (aka more harddisks) improves performance and ultimate capacity is less of an issue, so this is an attempt to get into that market... Uh what? Laptops don't lack 12v... Hence why all laptop power bricks are 12v+ On top of that laptop drives consume 5v and 12v just like desktop drives http://www.storagereview.com/HTS722020K9A00.sr?page=0%2C5 The velociraptor won't fit because of size... Other than that it just needs a standard SATA data/power connection.
  3. jamesavery22

    Sandisk 32GB 2.5" SATA SSD drive...

    After glancing over this thread and hitting the Sandisk links I started going to other common Memory manufacturers. Realized a lot of players are getting in this game. PNY, PQI, A-data, Team Group, among others. I'm very glad more people are jumping in. That means the demand for cheap NAND flash is rising. On the down side the supplying end seems to still be very quiet and has been all year. Samsung announced a 32Gb chip last year. K9WBG08U1M's are in the wild but there has been no talk of a 64Gb chip. Hynix and Micron don't even have 32Gb chips yet...
  4. https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 "Shields up" port scanner. See what you have open. If you do have anything open make sure its something you opened...
  5. jamesavery22

    Raptor Evolution

    From the get-go the Raptor was supposed to be an "Enterprise" drive. Drive manufacturer's cash cows are either best GB/$ ratio drives for Joe Blow systems or best combo of MTBF/$ & Performance/$ for servers. Raptors are obviously more suited for servers. Thats been their aim for awhile. Hence NCQ & SAS compatibility. I was surprised when they did the Raptor-X or whatever it was. I'm sure WD makes much more in the Enterprise market than the enthusiast on these drives. Because of that I doubt a higher density Raptor is high priority on WD's todo list. This is the same reason no other manufacturers have put out 10k SATA drives for consumers. Seagate has great budget drives(spinpoint) and tried and proven server drives. Making a drive that pleases the very small percentage who build their own PCs is a dumb move for them. The Raptor is a great Enterprise drive that just happens to bode well for single user environments at the same time. @ Spod, I really wish SSD drives would pick up speed. I'm just afraid that won't happen until NAND flash's Gb/$ goes way up. Speaking of which, wasnt Samsung slated to release a 32Gb chip this year? ::Crosses arms and taps foot impatiently:: Ontop of that you have the crappy memory controllers, namely their limited sram controllers. SSD's transfer rates have the potential to double as capacity doubles. The sram controller's number of channels just needs to double to allow this. Making that chip cheap is much easier said than done though. If a big name provided that chip which in turn provides a simple framework for everyone else to use/buy that would be a step in the right direction. I'm guessing the small demand for SSD's is keeping that from happening though... SSD has a lot of potential. One of the biggest is that any memory manufacturer can make them. Crucial, Kingston, etc can now all make drives. It won't be just the hand full of big hard drive manufacturers(which have definitely shrunk in numbers recently). The potential of transfer rates steadily climbing with capacity is huge as well. The only limit on this is physical size and of course the memory controller that can handle it. 4 flash chips yields 100MB/s reads, 8 yields 200, 16 yields 400... Thats not far fetched at all. If SSD takes off we'll be over saturating the link between the southbridge and northbridge before you know it Size, power consumption, noise are all benefits as well. I just don't see them as big as the others Unfortunately all this hinges on chip flash chips. There are already some kickass SSDs but they are purely enterprise drives. +$2k for a drive is too rich for me. I see the progression going Very expensive Enterprise SSDs of any capacity for the next couple years Very expensive Enterprise SSDs of 100GB+ & reasonable Enterprise SSDs under 100GB Very expensive Consumer SSDs of some sort Basically what happened with 10k/15k SCSI drives back in the day.
  6. jamesavery22

    Dell offering SSD's in Laptops

    Someone kindly pointed out that Dell has a 5-day wait if you select the SSD drive. So I'm completely wrong they don't have them in quantity. That sucks.
  7. lol 1/4 of the total price of the laptop. Nice. While the price obviously sucks at least it shows availability of the devices being much larger than the past few months. Dell wouldn't offer that option without a good stock of them. Anyone else want to take a guess at when they start hitting regular channels? Within the next 6 months?
  8. Only one I've heard generally talked about is the vantec 2.5" and 3.5" ones. but I've seen no official write-ups or real reviews. Only ones I find consist of "take pretty pictures, make sure it works, give stamp of approval." I'm guessing this is because eSATA drives don't work like USB enclosures. As in there isn't a controller for the HD that turns a PATA IDE device into a USB device. eSATA is more of just several cable/connector form factors that allow you to have a normal SATA device external to your case. Because this involves no real electronics it will perform just like any other SATA drive and is dependent on the SATA controller which you are plugging into... Is that correct? If so I'm guessing thats why there aren't any big round-ups of devices since they will all perform the same given that they use the same drive and same controller.
  9. Looking to buy around 100 40-60gb SATA and PATA drives. Have no clue where to start looking. Should I just try to get a hold of a Seagate or WD sales rep and see what deals I can get straight through them?
  10. jamesavery22

    Status of this site

    Whatever the reason the front page really needs to be updated. " Just Around the Corner 2006-06-20" Scares off any of the non-regulars. Makes the site look dead.
  11. jamesavery22

    Does mechanical storage have a future?

    Today, 8GB pqi CF card is $129.99 at Newegg. And with Samsung's slew of press releases today http://www.samsung.com/PressCenter/PressRe...0911_0000286480 http://www.samsung.com/PressCenter/PressRe...0911_0000286481 http://www.samsung.com/PressCenter/PressRe...0911_0000286482 http://www.samsung.com/PressCenter/PressRe...0911_0000286548 32Gbit NAND flash components, 64GB CF cards, PRAM, integrated controllers... Things are looking good. A pair of 64GB CF cards and a CFADPT7-D CF-IDE (dual slot adapter) from http://mesanet.com and I can retire my Hitachi 7200RPM 100GB 2.5" drives. The Charge Trap Flash sounds like it should be highlighted. Reduces size by 28% and processing by %20. Higher density, smaller, greater reliability, and cheaper. Almost everything flash needs. Only other thing I can think of is implementation. Its already been discussed here, to boost Flash transfer performance put chips in a RAID like config. That SoC design sounds like a good solution for a controller on the SSD to put multiple Flash chips in RAID. Thats just me hoping though
  12. jamesavery22

    How do you backup your data ?

    Posters should probably mention what kind of computers they are backing up... My home pc I back-up via dvd-r's on a pretty rare basis. Twice a year? Only data changing on a regular basis is along the lines of songs/game patches/pictures/themes HTPC, never backed up. Only thing on it are programs which are on CD or another HDD elsewhere, and recorded TV. My work laptop isn't backup'ed at all either. All of my data resides on corporate servers. Same with important email accounts. How those servers handle backup's is for a different thread
  13. jamesavery22

    Does mechanical storage have a future?

    Didnt see this posted yet: http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/07/26/samsung_announces_4gb_ssd/
  14. jamesavery22

    Does mechanical storage have a future?

    +1 Namely in places like iPods and ultra-portable laptops. Where small slow drives are costing an arm and a leg right now. Once SSD's can reach the same capacity as those small drives I'm sure they'll quickly become the new standard.
  15. jamesavery22

    What is the best software to clone hard disk?

    Never used any of the others. I've been using Copy Commnader for copying drives and random partition stuff. Have no complaints. Just need to get it on a USB key...