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  1. 16MB/128Mb cache *nitpick
  2. AmenophisIII

    How do you backup your data ?

    the most important data (most of my ~) exists on 5 different harddrives (after a while). 2 internal in each of 2 pcs and one external. software: rsnapshot and unison.
  3. AmenophisIII

    Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB Review

    Hello Brian That Information about 4kn vs. 512e is the most important in any HDD review for me right now. I don't want to buy any drives with emulation, especially if they report the wrong physical sector size. So thanks in advance for digging that up for us. You can find out with newer Linux kernels... (from
  4. AmenophisIII

    snoop: intercore and system memory traffic

    i doubt that you will be able to get intercore stats easily, depending on how the processes communicate, the os may not be aware of the traffic at all. i have no practical experience with it, but is probably a good start for you
  5. AmenophisIII

    Simple hot-plug eSATA question

    the reason for 'safely remove hardware' is that the operating system caches a lot of data for performance reasons. while this has huge benefits, it leaves the data stored on the hardware in a possible inconsistent order. if you just remove the cable/power the OS can not write the cached data onto the disk. you can deduce the answer to your question from that
  6. AmenophisIII

    raid expansion on ubuntu

    after the hw raid has grown your partition layout will look like the layout before but with unused space (the last partition ends in front of the new space) at the end. to make the xfs partition use the new available space you need to resize the filesystem (xfs_resize iirc in pkg xfsprogs). to be able to do that, the partition (as defined by the PT) has to grow first (dunno if there is a cli partition manager that can do that automatically). easiest way to this is gparted.
  7. as if "green" would have anything to do with ecological nowadays
  8. AmenophisIII

    Encrypting a USB Key

    for the given application, truecrypt works well in linux too, as far as i have tested it. but as mentioned before, for passwords only there are other options as well. since you may wanna save other data too and seem to know truecrypt already, i would give it a try. an important thing to note: some text editors safe backup files of opened files... these may get saved to unencrypted parts of a harddrive. so it may be a good idea to add a text editor to the drive as well.
  9. AmenophisIII

    SSD in the next 4 years : SATA or not SATA ?

    i guess he means flash chips are quite small relatively to connectors. and i have to agree. in the high performance market we will see ssds for pcie slots (just like those ram drives) if sata-io doesnt react quickly enough (and maybe even then, because there is no really need for a cable as imsabbel said). btw sataIII (6Gpbs) is on the way but not finalized yet, but will be this year.
  10. AmenophisIII

    Which RAID/OS for a home server?

    1! linux sw raid will make you independant of hardware in case of (controller) failure. just hook the drives up in another computer, boot with a live cd and save your files... its the best tested raid implementation imho. its for sure not slower than any pseudo hardware raid like matrix blah. (...)
  11. AmenophisIII

    Best RAID setup with 4 drives? might guide you better than a few posts could do. raid0 with 4 drives is a nogo. either raid10 or 5 imho.
  12. AmenophisIII

    64bit LBA for over 2TB support (?)

    thats correct. you have to click on the specifications tab to see "64bit LBA for over 2TB support"
  13. AmenophisIII

    Strange write rate characteristics

    you are not telling a lot about system specs, sw used etc. my guess would be, that the speed drops at blocksizes (n*512k)+1 bytes not (n*512k)B. that could have various reasons including the one you said. what are you trying to achieve?
  14. AmenophisIII

    Seagate releases 1.5TB drive

    just 20 days after the press release and sr front page... great post!
  15. im not aware of any research regarding that topic, but your concern is legitimate. the best would be (as its with any media...) to never write sensible information onto it in cleartext, e.g. encrypt all information thats written.