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  1. Hello folks. I have 30 PC's with with windows 7 and XP in a workgroup network. One machine has an extra 1 TB drive and we are using it as a shared drive. All is well except that it is little hard to control viruses. If only machine has only one virus, the whole network might just get infected. It is a very simple setup. So I'm wondering if a more professional setup will help in security and offer some other advantages. I hear about file servers but don't know their real purpose. This is at work. And I have some free time and I'm considering changing it to be more professional. I know there are free OS's for such tasks as FreeNas. What I can do is buy/build a server with two 2TB drives in RAID1 for redundancy and install FreeNas on it. And have other machines share this RAID1 array. How much better is that? Am I making any sense here? And what is really the difference between NAS, SAN, and file server? Thanks.
  2. I have two 300Gb velociraptors in RAID0. It is faster but it is not worth it I think. It is not worth the hassle. And I think you have a mobo that supports RAID and and want to take advantage of that. Right? That is software RAID. IMO, just wait till you upgrade your whole system and get an SSD for your OS.
  3. If it is a buy decision, I will immediately tell you to forget all about the Atlas and use the VR as your boot drive. The thing is that there isn't a thing you should use the Atlas for except for a boot drive. It is clear to me that your originally bought it to be a boot drive only. Another thing is that having a scsi adapter slows down the boot process, so that's a - for the scsi option. Also, you can only use the Atlas as a boot drive for XP. 36 GB isn't much for a boot drive in today's standards. Using it with win 7 will be unwise. You know what? Just take the scsi system out of ur system, it isn't really good for anything. I would do that if I were you.
  4. I don't know if you are familiar with this option, but it actually worsens matters. It is an eye candy feature, that is how I see it. Hopefully some of the guys here will agree with me. Thanks.
  5. Strangely enough, it happens only in browsers, and by the way, smooth scrolling in internet options is unchecked. Thanks.
  6. The OS is the good old windows XP ! Browser? FF10? Are you making fun of me? He he, if you look at the title, you will see that I said browsers. It happens in all browsers I use. IE, FF, and chrome. RAM and cpu usage: Not much I think. I'll often have several browser windows open. I doubt something is wrong with the RAM itself, but with managing it. The video card drivers are an issue by themselves. I'll never buy ATI again. The driver I have is the latest, however, I'm still having problems here and there. Thanks
  7. Hi folks. How is it going? Hopefully all is well. In one of my machines, if the I'm in widows for some time, I won't be able to scroll normally. I mean, it does it scroll smoothly, however, it does it slowly and in ripples fashion. I'm sorry I can't describe it very well. From what I know, this usually happens when the PC is low on RAM. Now, this machine is quite powerful if we consider it is only used for internet browsing. Quick specs are: AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.0GHz, 2GB DDR RAM, 500GB WD hard drive, ATI 2600xt drivers video card(The fastest I could get for an AGP slot). The mobo is a gigabyte 7n400 if I remember correctly. What gives? I'm sure it is a memory problem, either system RAM or video memory. I in fact don't like this ATI card. It doesn't run well on the system, and it gave me some driver problems. A restart will fix the scrolling problem temporarily of course, but that's silly you know, just to restart to fix the issue. I tried to forcibly free system RAM by using a RAM manager, but it didn't help. I suspect the video card not being compatible with my system> What do you think I should do? Thanks in advance.
  8. sram

    The Fall of StorageReview

    Thanks God. My hope is real now!
  9. sram

    The Fall of StorageReview

    I hope one day this site will get resurrected somehow. I miss the good old days. I'm a member since maybe 98.
  10. Go for fast single drive. RAID0 is not worth it.
  11. A friend of mine started this controversial topic, and we fought over it (in talking) for hours! I later did a quick search in google, and was astonihsed by the fact that many people still believe that the earth is the center of the universe and the sun (being smaller) and other planets rotate around it! What do you think? Do we have a solid proof that the earth rotates around the sun? or are they just theories? Discuss away
  12. sram

    Raid0 Partitioning

    What do you mean? My RAID0 is already configured and I have windows vista on it.
  13. Isn't the resulted drive from a RAID0 configuration viewed as a single drive to windows, and I'm supposed to be able to re-partition it freely with my favorite partitioning software? I'm asking because acronis disk director doesn't seem to work in my case! I have two velociraptors in RAID0, and I want to have two partitions to dual-boot two OS's. Did I lose my chance because I didn't create two volumes in the RAID configuration page? Thanks.
  14. Yes, it is ICH9 software raid. I'm using these two drives as my main OS drive. The computer flies!
  15. I just wanted to share with you my results, and see how they compare to similar configurations if anybody care to post his results.