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  1. Me neither. It wouldn't be honest to use two names. Besidez, I have enough trouble remembering one.
  2. Tea

    What Tree Did You Fall From?

    Tree? Me? Fall? Who are you kidding?
  3. Tea

    Your Friend the Computer

    Is this the Century of the Fruitbat?
  4. If you don't like the result, François, just insist on a recount. Don't you know anything about US politics? 8O
  5. Tea

    Insomnia anyone?

    Terrible stuff, insomnia. But mostly I just lose concentration and fall asleep in the middle of it.
  6. Good! That counts az cold, but it's easier to carry a blanket than an airconditioner, and I'm tired of it being too hot to sleep and having my sinuses itch because of the smoke. On my way! (They do know about gin and tonic in Philadelphia bars, I trust? Also, do they mind if I bring a bucket? Those silly little glasses most bars have are ... well, it's like drinking out of a thimble.) By the way, Uart, nice work again. If you think about it, what you are implying - quite correctly, of course - in that last post of yours is yet another explanation of the apparent paradon in the original situation: By always opening a non-random door - i.e., a "goat door" and never the "car door", the host is, in fact, adding extra information into the situation - and it is this extra information which makes the final choice between the two remaing doors a non-random one. We get, if you like, a sort of "parallax" effect - two incomplete views of the situation provide more information than either view alone. (Oh - excuse me, I'm on-topic.)
  7. Iz it cold in Philadelphia Andrew? Do you have bushfires?
  8. (Did you say "prize", Tannin?) (Yes.) (For the TEA award?) (That's right, Tea. "Tannin's Excellence Award": TEA..) (That's me, isn't it? I'm Tea. Do I get a prize?) (No, you are "Tea", with two small letters. The award is "TEA" with all big letters. Besides, you don't get the prize, small hairy one, you are the prize.) (Huh?) (Uart and Andrew get a night out with you. Let's say ... er ... how about Thursday and Friday?) (Eeek! You mean ... like a date? I'm too young. I don't want to go.) (Don't be silly. You'll have a ball. They are nice guys.) (That's not the point, Tannin. I don't think I'm ready for it. Not just yet.) (Have you polished your bald patch? Got your best fur on? Claws nice and sharp?) (Of course. But ...) (Then there is nothing to worry about.) (But .... but I feel ... well, a bit shy. I'm not very good with talking to humans. I don't think I want to go.) (Tell you what, what if we just make it BA to begin with? He's a Balding Ape, sort of relative of yours, you'll get on just fine with Andrew. And after that it will be Friday already and you will be an expert at being a prize. You won't mind going out with Uart once you are an expert.) (Will there be any bananas?) (No. Most bars don't have bananas. I don't think they have them at nightclubs either. Oh - and that reminds me, I'll have to give you some money so you can buy the dribks. We can't give Andrew and Uart a prize and expect them to pay for their own drinks, can we?) (Drinks?) (Yes, of course. That's what you do when you go out with humans - you go to a bar and order drinks.) (You mean, Uart and I go to a bar - any bar we like - and you pay for the drinks?) (That's right.) (Then of course I'm going! Stupid human. Why didn't you say so in the first place?)
  9. Errr .. I guess this is not the time to say that most drives are not good "all round" at all but tend to be quite good at being sort of rectangular?
  10. Someone's going to get in a lot of trouble when the real bartender gets here!
  11. Rule of thumb is: ISA parallel ports work fine, PCI parallel ports suck. Not true exery time, but mostly true. If your mother has an ISA slot free, Piyono, that's worth a try. If the machine doesn't have an ISA slot, then it will have USB, is it not possible to put one of the printers on a USB cable?
  12. Digital speakers? What an oxymoron! You can do whatever you like with the rest of the signal chain, as analogue or as digital as you wish, but it is utterly impossible to have a digital amplifier or digital speakers. No such thing. Not "not invented yet", impossible.
  13. Any chance you could sell me some of those ex-lab drives with the zero seek time? I'll give you a very good price for a drive as fast as that.
  14. Tea

    KT333 vs PE

    That's the sort of upgrade that I might do if I already had the parts lying around doing nothing and I felt like wasting a few hours bolting it in and reloading drivers and stuff. But actually pay money for a difference that small? No way! Wait till about March or April next year, when the current just-arriving generation of stuff is old hat and you can pick up an XP in the 2800 to 3200 range for spare change, and a cheap KT-400 or nForce 2 board to suit.