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    IBM Deskstar 120GXP

    I bought the 40gb gxp last february. 6 months in use it started this very loud whine. now, 10 months after purchase I can't stand it. and my microphones in my studio can stand it even less! I'm getting the barracuda V 60GB. yes, I'll suffer performance-wise, albeit not much, but I'll be sane. that's a fair tradeoff. hope my 80gb 120gxp will stay workable for some months more though, before I replace it with a 240gb barracuda VII
  2. oskarlissheim

    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    I've ordered the 60GB version of Barracuda V, to use in my recording home-studio. the high-pitched whine in my 40gb 120gxp ibm is killing me and my sensitive microphones! now, I've heard some rumours of the barracudas having the dreaded whine that the IV's never had. True? if so, is it only with the dual-platter drives? I'm getting the 60GB and that one only have one platter so it should, on the paper, be as quiet as the 40gb barracuda IV...? thanks